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Jun 11, 2009 07:20 PM

30th birthday party...need help!

I am looking for a great restaurant for my thirtieth birthday supper. It would be Sat. June 20th; I am thinking somewhere in Old Montreal or downtown or Plateau...we will likely be about 15 people. Any type of food but a place that has a fun/trendy atmosphere without being pretentious (don't want a Buona Notte type place). Good food without being too pricey...$20-$30-ish for the main dish would be great. Any recommendations? Thanks so much!

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  1. Steak Frites is a good choice. It's a bring your own wine which immediately brings the cost down. I have eaten there many times and its always amazing. Good steak, great atmosphere and good value! Believe it or not, their calamari appetizer is out of this world! I highly recommend that. Don't bother going to Santos, or any other trendy place with ridiculously loud music and lousy food. Go to Steak frites.

    Make a reservation today.

    1. It seems it,s always the same recs, but in old Montreal, Holder (, a french brasserie, could easily accomodate 15 people (with reservation) and has the atmosphere you describe. The steak frites on St-Antoine also has a nice atmosphere, and the BYOW feature makes it more of a money saver.

      I don't have any idea right now for the Plateau, as most good places on the Plateau are better at accomodating samll groups. Probably more suggestions downtown altough the quality/price ratio is not the best in that area. Maybe the new Montee, or it could be worth testing the newly-chefted Newtown on Crescent? Nothing else comes to mind at the moment, altough I'm sure there are plenty more

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        I love the new Montee, but price-wise it will likely cost much more than the OP was looking at - count on $100 pp easily.
        I second the Holder recommendation, but keep in mind that they have a slightly more limited menu for groups.

      2. You might try Pintxo. Delicious, varied, affordable and, if not exactly trendy, it's got a Plateau vibe. The space is also divided into rooms and I'd guess that the capacity of one of them would be about 15-20.