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Jun 11, 2009 07:07 PM

Bakeries/wine shops in St Maarten?

Any suggestions for wine shops or bakeries in St. Maarten?

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  1. I think we stopped at La Sucriere in Marigot. There is also Le Colibri near the harbour. French pastries are to die for. I am hitting Gerauds's next week in Anguilla...

    1. All supermarkets, at least on the Dutch side (maybe the French side too) sell an extensive variety of wines.

      1. Wonderful wine shop in Marigot called Le Gout du Vin. It's on Rue de l'Anguille - near Lipstick. Very knowledgeable and nice selection.

        1. The best bakery on the island by a loooooooooooooooooong shot is Crusty Bread in Concordia. It is very easy to get to, just up a little hill from Marigot - ask any local. They also just opened an outpost in Grand Case next to US Imports and it is very good but the one in Concordia is off the charts.
          Le Gout du Vin is a very good shop. That was the one we shopped at in St. Martin and Anguilla until Bacchus opened last year. No comparison. It is located on the road you take from Marigot to Orient Beach right after the turnoff for the Grand Case airport. It is in what looks like an industrial park on the right. They are a winery/epicerie and serve lunch. Stephane who was at Le Cottage forever is now here (that should tell you something) Let me know...

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            We are here now right outside of OB. Is Bacchus the wine store near the industrial park? If the airport is on our left coming from GC, heading toward OB, is the winery on the right? THANKS

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              It's not a winery - it's a wine store/epicerie/restaurant. It would be on your right in the industrial area. Make a right into the industrial area (where the road veers right to go toward OB) It is in the back of the industrial area on the left hand side. Difficult to find but well worth it. Ask anyone you see in that area for help finding it (pronounced BA-COOS) and they will more than likely lead you there.
              Am in DFW right now headiong back to St. Martin - if you are still there on Friday - I will lead you there myself!! :)

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                Sorry - my bad for calling it a "winery/epicerie" - I had a couplpe of glasses before writing that!! :)

                1. re: ccmurieta

                  Actually went there yesterday...spent about ten minutes walking around looking at the wines...quite impressive. What was poor is that NO ONE came to help us so we left!!

                  1. re: sockster

                    So sorry to hear that. We know Stefan (formerly of Le Cottage) and he was quick to greet us each time we went. I am sorry you had a negative experience - I hope that it was just a huge oversight on their part and not indicative of the type of service they usually offer.