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Jun 11, 2009 07:05 PM

La Jolla fast move out

Gotta move daughter out of her apartment fast this weekend near UTC.. Any recs for good fast eats in the area? We have lots of places that we love but this trip is fast and furioius. In and out of there i two days. What would you do if you had 45 mins for lunch or dinner/ TIA!

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  1. Whole Foods
    Anything on Convoy. Tofu House and Chopstix are particularly fast. Okan if you go right when they open (5:30 pm) and order the prepared dishes sitting on the top of the bar.
    Sammy's Woodfired Pizza
    La Salsa
    Z Pizza
    BJ's Pizzeria
    Edo Sushi is reasonably good and close, if you want sushi/Japanese food. The only reason we haven't been is that we got spoiled by Kaito and Okan.

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    1. re: daantaat

      Idunno about eating at BJ's if you're in a hurry. There's often a wait to be seated. Of course you could order takeout if you needed to.

    2. In Renaissance Center (Towne Centre drive near Nobel): Edo sushi, Wired, Chicago on a Bun, Barolo, the revamped Thai restaurant next to Barolo. On Miramar (behind the Carl's Jr): Bongiorno's (pizza by the slice) or Viva Chicago. On Miramar (behind the Denny's), Real Texas BBQ, their brisket is probably the best thing they do. The little philipino/hawaiian grill place (take-out only, with a few patio tables) in the Whole Foods center, near the theaters.

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        "the revamped Thai restaurant next to Barolo" - Lousy.

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          So you've tried the revamped version as well, Honkman (after it changed to "Star Anise")? I was thinking of giving it a try, but have seen little mention of it in Chowhound, and I'm too chicken to try out non-reviewed restaurants. The Yelp comments are between decent and lukewarm, which doesn't mean all that much, but generally if a place sucks even Yelp will reflect that.

          1. re: RB Hound

            My wife had lunch there last week and didn't see much change in terms of quality of the food compared to the few times she went there before. We both work in the La Jolla/UTC area and even though it is not great (and americanized) prefer to go to Spice Thai if people want to go for Thai food.

      2. Hey dimsumgirl! Welcome back, albeit briefly, to SD! It's late for a reply, as you're probably here already, but hopefully you'll see this during your move.

        Punjabi Tandoor would be perfect for you. It's off of Miramar Road (on the block behind Miramar Volkswagen) and it'd have you in and out really quickly. Or, if packing is taking longer than expected (as it always did during my days at the alma mater), you can always grab food to-go.

        Another thing to look for if you're really rushing are the markets. Whole Foods, Trader Joes, and Bristol Farms have good selections of prepared foods and/or packaged snacks. My coworker was telling me that the Ralphs on Villa La Jolla revamped their deli area and feature tons of options for fresh sandwiches and salads. In addition to CPK, I've found that Daphne's in the same plaza does a very serviceable grilled chicken.

        If you can drive further, I second the idea of going to Convoy St.

        Good luck with the move! I assume you'll be back in the fall? Or has she graduated?

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        1. re: geekyfoodie

          Hi geeky:
          thanks to you and all the other hounds that replied. The first day we just got the storage place lined up and broke down and moved furniture. It was a messy, difficult chore and I took daantat's suggestion and we went to CPK. Easy and there was lots to choose from for our mover helpers. The second day was moving more boxes but not as harried as the first so we ventured out and had a good meal on Convoy-- never disappoints and if parking is bad at one place as it was this time, there are plenty of others to choose from.

          Yes, we will be doing this all again in the fall for the start of senior year. Maybe next time if it is not too rushed, we can arrange a chow meal for the many of you that I feel like I've gotten to know through chowhound and for Lillian and the lurkers that we met last year at Sab E Lee!