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Jun 11, 2009 06:52 PM


I don't know how long Schmidt's has been open but at 11am, we were the only ones there aside from staff. : /

We had the Leberkäse (fried SPAM lovers will adore this) with a fried egg and sauteed onions on top. Mr. scarmoza thought the potato salad was "the mother fooking" bomb but I thought it just all right (I like it when the potatoes have cooked all the way through). Spätzle with bacon and a side salad was also delightful.

It will be hard to go back and not order the exact same thing (since we both liked our brunch immensely) but we will try to look away from the Leberkäse and go straight to the sausage, next time.

They serve La Paz coffee but they didn't serve refills, just one little teacup full, per order. (Good thing I went there pre-caffeinated)

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  1. P.S.

    2400 Folsom St, San Francisco, CA 94110

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    1. Thanks for the heads up. Seems like they opened in May. Here's a blog with some photos

      Owned by Walzwerk's Christiane Schmidt and David Pierce

      A few more photos from SFWeekly

      1. Heard they just opened for dinner hours (must have finally received their liquor license). Planning on heading over tonight...

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        1. re: emmaroseeats

          Have they opened for dinner? If you went, how was it? I may be going there tonight.

          1. re: Frosty Melon

            Yes, they've added dinner hours: Tue-Sat 5:30pm - 11pm.

            I have not tried the dinner menu yet.

            1. re: L C

              I went last night. Two of us shared the cucumber salad for $6, nice and light if a little plain. I had the boar's head sausage with sauerkraut and potato salad ($10) which was tasty, especially with the German mustards on the side (be warned, the mustards are provided sparingly, and the couple next to us were refused extra when they asked). My friend had the schnitzel ($14) which looked good but which he didn't care for (and he loves German food) with a side of cheese-covered cauliflower. The cauliflower was way undercooked, not sure if that's a German thing or not.

              Service was fine. Cash only. I'd give it another go sometime if I'm in the area but when I really need German food I'll stick with Walzwerk (Schmidt's parent restaurant) or Suppenkuche.

              1. re: Frosty Melon

                >German mustards on the side (be warned, the mustards are provided sparingly, and the couple next to us were refused extra when they asked)<

                Say what? For such a friendly service-oriented place (I've only been once, for lunch, and that was my impression) that sounds completely out of character and not acceptable. Are you sure about that?

                1. re: Mick Ruthven

                  It was overheard by my dining companion; I'll ask him to confirm. I believe it was because the mustards are very expensive. I was surprised, too, although the mustards were so fully flavored I didn't even need all of the small amounts I was given for my sausage.

                  To be clear, the mustard cups are your standard small metal condiment cups, but only the very bottom of the cup is covered with mustard (maybe 1/4"). When I say sparingly, I mean sparingly, so there is some reason for not over-providing.

                  Edited: My companion explains there was no such refusal, but a friendly statement that additional mustard would have an additional cost. Sorry for any confusion.

            2. re: Frosty Melon

              Sorry I missed this yesterday. We did go for dinner and had a good time.

              We enjoyed the cured meats plate very much, the pretzel roll was delish, and my hubby thoroughly enjoyed his Kiełbasa with potato salad. The onion cake(?) we had was strangely room temp and not something I'll revisit and the sauerkraut needed a little something...maybe bacon? The flavor was just a little too sweet for us.

              Service was neighborhood style friendly and they stayed on top of things as the place got busier. Great folks.

              The one thing that would give us pause in going back is that the place is super loud. We are very into lively eating spaces but this one is kitchen loud. The bang and clatter of the stove and pots into the sink was always discernible and sometimes startling and we were at the table farthest away from the kitchen. I'm sure it doesn't help that there isn't anything on the walls; some fabric up there would be great...not sure how to achieve change in that regard and continue the minimalist vibe.

          2. It's called Schmidt's, not Schmidt's Deli. Place was pretty full at 9:30 Thursday night.

            Nurnburg and blood sausages were excellent, head cheese and tongue loaf were good. Nice sauerkraut, excellent potato salad, good German breads. Nice selection of German beer on draft. Reasonable prices--those three dishes were $10-12.

            As noted above, noisy.