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Does this pizza topping sound ok?

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I have limited options for ingredients but I was thinking of roasting some chicken and capsicum and making my own pizza base and having pesto and the grilled chicken and capsicum and cheese on it.

Do you think these flavours will work together and be ‘enough’ to make a yummy pizza, or should I look at adding another ingredient or two?


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  1. add some grilled or sauteed red onion and garnish with chopped fresh herbs (use whatever is i the pesto, i'm guessing basil...?) and you're good to go!

    1. Last night I made pizza. Two of the ingredients I added were chopped Kalamata olives and shaved Vidalia onions. Also some fennel seed on the oiled crust. I usually use rosemary but didn't have any.

      1. On another pizza, try some smoked oysters and fresh sliced green onions.

        Put a dried white cheese on top of the provolone/mozzarella at the end of the cook.

        Oh my, it is good.

        1. Yes, if that's what you have. Pizza has no bounds.

          1. If I have it on hand, I love some arugula put on after it comes out of the oven. But, of course, I'm heading for a 12-step program for arugula-itis.

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              I've got it too. Take ibuprofin for it and call me in the morning.

            2. I would add some garlic, but then again I am a garlic freak!

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                Oops, forgot the garlic. I've been using my vegetable peeler which gives me really thin slices so no overwhelming garlic.

              2. save the chicken for a sandwich and throw some sausage and bacon on the pizza, maybe some pepperoni as well.

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                  I know snax didn't specify, but I thought this was restricted to what he/she had on hand: peppers, chicken, cheese pesto (no telling what kind), and I assume some kind of tomato pizza topping [pizza base] and whether they could come out with a reasonable pizza...

                  Again they didn't say what "limited options" they might have laying around.
                  Any foie gras? Clams? Can of tuna? Are we too late to keep asking/advising?

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                    op didn't even say tomato, and i thought the list was the limit also, lol.

                    pesto can be a very bold-flavored sauce, and i prefer it as a garnish, rather than a main component. you could slather the crust with olive oil, which would help, but do you have any other cheese? you could make also make a sort of bechamel, if you have flour and milk, and make a pesto cream sauce to wet things up.

                    if not, i'd roast the chicken and maybe serve it with some pasta with pesto.

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                      Paragraph one did state the "limited options" then paragraph two stated "or should I look at adding another ingredient or two".

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                        Yup, which kinds of opens up Pandora's Box for a shopping spree, doesn't it?

                        As I said (responding to hotoynoodle), I assumed "pizza base" meant some kind of tomato (sauce) pizza topping, but they might have meant the bread...

                        Not very clear, granted, but I thought it implied "with what few things I have on hand."
                        Would like to know what snax did... or meant.
                        PS: I like the Jalapeno capsicums!

                  2. Take it easy on the pesto when you 'sauce' the dough and you should be happy enough with the end result. Whenever I do a cheese-less "pizza" I like onions on it.

                    1. The combination is very good, from experience. My only question is "what kind of capsicum? There are several thousand kinds, from plain Bell Peppers to Habanero and hotter. Habaneros & chicken probably wouldn't be acceptable to most people. Personally I would not include the pesto as an ingredient, but that's me...

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                        I might do some little *dots* of pesto but only a little.