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Jun 11, 2009 06:27 PM

Lunch and dinner recs for Saltspring

What's interesting and delicious? Will be in Saltspring for four days next week.

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  1. For high end dinners try the Hastings House which has a great chef and an unparalleled location. The other place for an equally good, and pricey, dinner is House Piccolo. Some Salt Springers prefer it over Hastings.

    A new place is opening soon, or maybe already is, called Market (or Marketplace?). I think
    it will be more mid range. It is owned/operated by a well-known Salt Spring chef. I'd love for someone to try it out and report back (hint).

    Calvin's also mid range and can be good. It is one of those places you seem to find in small town Canada (or world?) run by Swiss hotel school folks, so pretty consistent food, and good service. Having said that I think they were having chef problems.

    Next to Market(place) in "restaurant row" in Ganges is Del Vecchio, a homemade pasta place that has a small amount of takeout items. The owner is from Milan and the food is amazing. The spinach ravioli is better than any other stuffed pasta I've ever tried, delicate looking yet it doesn't break. Its all good - don't miss it.

    Auntie Pesto (Pasto?) has reopened since a fire is apparently better than before as they now have a proper kitchen. Possibly a good lunch/brunch place.

    The best fish and chips are in Vesuvius, next to the ferry terminal. Take out or eat in.

    Try to find some cheese from Over the Moon, it is awesome. David Woods goat cheese is good too. You can visit the latter, not sure about the former.

    Have fun!

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      "The best fish and chips are in Vesuvius, next to the ferry terminal. Take out or eat in."

      Yup-they have a great little patio overlooking the Ferry.

      Buy some Smoked Salmon from and some Bread from the Bread Lady

      Outstanding pastries here

      The Tree House patio on a sunny afternoon/warm evening.