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Jun 11, 2009 05:54 PM

Hip, Cool and Impressive - Near B.A.M.

Once again, I've dropped the ball. We're heading to Brooklyn on Saturday (BAM), on Lafayette Street. I was supposed to get reservations at Lugers, but waited too long.

2pm show = We should be able to get to dinner by 5 without a problem... avoiding a wait.

We're coming from, and returning to central jersey... so it would be doubly awesome to find a spot south of BAM.

Asian, Steak, Bistro, would all be top choices I think.

Thanks hounds :)

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  1. Asian? Try Bamboo Pavilion, Brooklyn's best (and one of NYC's top 10) Szechuan restaurants (6920 18th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11204) pretty much on the way to the Verrazono. See:

    1. Check out Franny's, a few blocks down on Flatbush. Good pizzas, pastas and meat dishes.

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        Yes Franny's would work for you. Your early dinner hour might be a problem with a lot of the neighborhood restaurants but Franny's is open at 5. and has a nice back garden, good if the day is nice. Clientele probably meets a hip and cool criteria - food is excellent - mostly individual pizza sand small plates featuring home cured meats, local produce, etc.. Big or value eaters may have an issue.

      2. A Bistro, African place further into Fort Greene, though I don't think much different a walk then Franny's, maybe even closer. Pretty special place.

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          ABistro is rather French/African. The food is very good, the atmosphere is "homestyle" with an open kitchen and crowded, almost communal tables. It is BYOB so if you want wine or beer, you will have to bring it in.

          1. Stay away from "Thomas' Beisl",
            .........if it is still in ops

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            1. re: Peter B Wolf

              So we went early enough to grab a burger at 67 burger before the show. Juicy, tasty, great fries and a nice enough day to sit and people watch.

              The show was great, but it started to rain. We planned to run to Frannys, but decide to shoot directly home instead.