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Jun 11, 2009 05:38 PM

Good raw bar and good wine by the glass list

Going out with 2 friends this Saturday or Sunday night and am looking for someplace with both a good raw bar and a fairly decent offering of wines by the glass. Houston to the 40's East or West but prefer West unless below 14th st. Price not an issue but needs to be either not crazy crowded on a Saturday night or open on a Sunday night. Any suggestions?

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  1. Blue Ribbon has a good raw bar. The wines by the glass are pretty decent.

    1. Below Houston, but Giorgione's raw bar is every bit as good as Aquagrill's and their Italian wine list is very well done.
      A dozen east coast oysters with a glass of prosecco puts me in the right frame of mind.

      1. Aquagrill is hands down the best bet. On any given night they have 20 or so different selections of oysters, and great value wines by the glass. Blue Ribbon is good but tiny and you'll have trouble getting a seat. Mermaid Inn is awesome and so is Jack's Luxury Oyster Bar, but the nightly selections will be limited to just a few choices.

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          Aquagrill is probably a good bet for Sunday. Blue Ribbon is going to be packed and Lure is always a scene, though the SoHo Stroll will likely steer more patrons toward their smallish space this weekend than usual.

        2. Lure Fishbar...Great raw bar + fantastic wine selection.

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              This places looks very interesting. I'm a huge fan of Aquagrill and looking for someplace new.

          1. Blue Water Grill on Union Square is always pleasant. If you're looking for old school and classic you can' t go wrong with the Grand Central Oyster bar.