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Jun 11, 2009 05:10 PM

Bakeman's - Seattle

I continue to enjoy this right around the corner from my office lunch destination. Today my team was working on a crisis situation, so I scuttled off to Bakeman's and picked up 10 sandwiches to go. Everyone loved them. I had a Roast Beef and like the Pastrami and their signature Roast Turkey that I have sampled before it was great.

For some pics os Bakeman's, check out my blog.

Billy Bob

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  1. Places like Bakeman's is why Chowhound thrives. We need to support independent restaurants serving great food where ever they are. As to franchise restaurants like Olive Garden and Claimjumper, they get the customers they deserve....

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    1. White on white cranberry mayo salt and pepper.... You want Pie ??????

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        white on wheat with cranberry and mayo, a salad, yes pie, what's the soup? (and I'll surely get change for a twenty).