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Jun 11, 2009 05:04 PM

homemade snacks to accompany beer?

Hi all,

We're trying to come up with a food gift to give my father in law for father's day. He loves beer, even talks about retiring from his job and working as a volunteer at his local brewery. So we're trying to come up with an assortment of beer snacks to make and mail to North Carolina (from NY), to accompany a gift certificate to his favorite wine/beer store in the area.

Any suggestions? I'm thinking some kind of spiced nut, maybe a hard cheese from Murray's, but please, I need more ideas! any suggestions are very appreciated! I'm blanking on good, savory salty snacks to make!

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  1. definitely spiced nuts. also, seasoned popcorn & homemade pretzels.

    check out this recent thread about baked gods to go with beer:

    depending on what he likes to drink, you have numerous options.

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      thanks for the other thread-- I did some searching before but didn't turn that one up. that has great tips!

    2. And pack everything in a container filled with peanuts in the shell.

      1. Here is a link to a recipe for Cayenne Pretzels. You can make them really spicy or not so much:

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          Yum!!! Thank you.

          I too say homemade pretzels with a nice mustard - perfect with beer.

        2. Something baked ?? Look here for a substantial snack...........Bierocks or Runzas
          They were created to go with beer by Divine Decree, LOL !

          1. Spicy roasted Garbanzos or Pumpkin or Sunflower seeds.

            Drain the garbanzos and dry on paper towels; toss with a little beaten eggwhite and then a mixture of cumin, cayenne, and salt. Bake at 400F until crispy - 10-15 minutes