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homemade snacks to accompany beer?

Hi all,

We're trying to come up with a food gift to give my father in law for father's day. He loves beer, even talks about retiring from his job and working as a volunteer at his local brewery. So we're trying to come up with an assortment of beer snacks to make and mail to North Carolina (from NY), to accompany a gift certificate to his favorite wine/beer store in the area.

Any suggestions? I'm thinking some kind of spiced nut, maybe a hard cheese from Murray's, but please, I need more ideas! any suggestions are very appreciated! I'm blanking on good, savory salty snacks to make!

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  1. definitely spiced nuts. also, seasoned popcorn & homemade pretzels.

    check out this recent thread about baked gods to go with beer:

    depending on what he likes to drink, you have numerous options.

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      thanks for the other thread-- I did some searching before but didn't turn that one up. that has great tips!

    2. And pack everything in a container filled with peanuts in the shell.

      1. Here is a link to a recipe for Cayenne Pretzels. You can make them really spicy or not so much:


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          Yum!!! Thank you.

          I too say homemade pretzels with a nice mustard - perfect with beer.

        2. Something baked ?? Look here for a substantial snack...........Bierocks or Runzas
          They were created to go with beer by Divine Decree, LOL !


          1. Spicy roasted Garbanzos or Pumpkin or Sunflower seeds.

            Drain the garbanzos and dry on paper towels; toss with a little beaten eggwhite and then a mixture of cumin, cayenne, and salt. Bake at 400F until crispy - 10-15 minutes

            1. Spiced roasted pumpkin seeds are great and very easy. We do them every Halloween. The question is, what do you do with the rest of the pumpkin if it's NOT Halloween? Pie, maybe, or treat it like a squash and cook it as a side vegetable.

              1. I make the David L sweet and spicy nut mix for casual parties and as a cocktail snack... it's always a big hit. I've made it the last few father's days and shipped it to my dad (it ships and keeps very well):

                My dad also loves beer and to go with it, though it's basic, he's always extremely excited to receive a box of sausages, cheese and good pretzels. It's his heaven! My grandparents send him a box like this every Christmas (they've been doing it for the last 20 + years).

                1. I had some pumpernickel rye pretzels recently, thanks to a friend, and I thought as I ate them how good they would be with beer.....dipped in a nice stoneground mustard, of course.