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Jun 11, 2009 04:42 PM


We went there the other night. 10 people. We sat way in back in the Mardi Gras room. If you haven't been there it's a must try! It's eclectic. The decor is hodge-podge-flea market. Hysterical! The food was very good. The portions are huge. It's Italian plus exotic ie: kangaroo/alligator/other odd stuff. Never tried the
'exotic'. The service was a tad sketchy. Don't know if it was the size of the group, which weren't demanding, or an 'off' night for the waitress. But, it wasn't horrible.
It's a BYOB but charge $2.00 corking fee per bottle.


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  1. I've heard great things about this place from a lot of Woburn-local folks, but they're dinner only. Chef looks pretty creative for the 'burbs. Would love it if they did a lunch service.

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      Eclectic was an understatement when I dined here. Although I believe they have moved to a different spot since I was there some years back. I recall a "Huge" platter of pasta...some love that; I don't. I recall the food flavors were decent ....BUT, I felt like I was eating in the midst of an Alfred Hitchcock movie. There was even a mannequin staring at me. It just left me with a bad visual of some crazy in the backroom chopping up eye of knewt. I found the flea-market dishes offputting. It wasn't your great-grandmothers unusual hand-me-down ware. It was all cracked, chipped and dingy. I love to dine anywhere from dive bar to 5 star, but this was like someone's attic needed to be cleaned out. It was crazy hodge rhyme or reason. I never like to judge food on an establishment's decor, but this was scary. Maybe its better "arranged" now, I dunno. It left me with clown nightmares.....definitely "outer limits" meets "the adams family". I left warning the pidgeons on the sidewalk to run for their lives !!!!!!!

      1. re: Buddernut

        I love the decor there. That's what makes the place different.

        I always try to bring friends there who don't know about it. Its hilarious to watch them "Freak Out" when they step into the restaurant.

        It also helps that the food is very good.

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          Buddernut you are hilarious! now i have to go just to check out the scene & the food of course. any specific food recommendtions? I'll have to google it, because i dont know where it is and i live in woburn

          1. re: craveyummyfood

            I belive in fact it did move since I dines there. Here's the web:


            As you scroll through, you'll see some very exotic offerings. If you wanted to try it, I thought the food tasted okay. I don't know how the decor is now, but the post from NorthShoreFoodie leads be to think it still "eclectic". I really just don't like being stared at while I'm eating by a really bad looking dummy......It just made me feel like palms were being read in the back room. Good luck :)

            1. re: craveyummyfood

              Right across the street from Roma's bakery

        2. Been there a few times at their new location.

          I find the food good, the service okay. I think it's pricey, but that may be me.

          And I find the "huge" menu kind of a turnoff, because I know the exotic meats must
          be frozen......
          Himm, I am still on the fence with this place.

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            oh now i know where it is. in fact, i had lunch at the new japanese,asian restaurant across the street from it today. it looked kind of spooky. i thought someone might be trying to do fortune telling in there. i dont want anyone casting any spells over my food. i think i'll stay clear afterall. i'm getting less adventurous in my old age . . .