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Jun 11, 2009 04:42 PM

Hudson/Marlborough Area Dining?

I'm looking for a nice location for a client dinner in the Hudson/Marlborough vicinity. Any recommendations? Would Chloe in Hudson be a good choice?

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  1. I had one meal at Chloe. Really wasn't bad, for the area probably the best "bistro".

    Try Shiro in Berlin for Sushi/Japanese food. My wife is Japanese and I've been to JP many times. Shiro is the only place I have found where the food (not sushi) tastes like it does in Japan. Rt 62 exit off 495

    Other than that, I hope you like the 99

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      I went to a wine dinner at Chloe in Hudson and loved it. The rib eye was the best I have ever had. I do not know what they seasoned it with but it was delicious.
      I also second Shiro although the decor is somewhat more like a run down house which I actually think it was at one time. The food is excellent as is the sushi. And Stephanie who does the sushi a couple nights is great.
      Another spot you might look into is Coral Seafood. They are reasonably priced and have a great peppercorn tuna. You could also venture into Sudbury and try Bullfinches. It does not get the best reviews from some but I have been numerous times and loved it every time.

      1. re: lulatula

        Yes, I did a client dinner at Coral Seafood in "downtown" Marlborough and the atmosphere and food were pleasant -- not Boston downtown quality, but nothing to apologize for either.