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Jun 11, 2009 04:18 PM

Best things at Baja Cantina?

Meeting family at Baja Cantina in Venice tonight. Changing location isn't an option. Suggestions on the best things to get there? I like just about everything. Also, recommendations on lighter fare is always welcome though mostly I just want to know what tastes good...and what to avoid.


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  1. Stick with a fishbowl sized margie, and a rosemary chicken quesadailla. Food is pretty bad there...

    1. i'd recommend sticking to straight shots of tequila.
      they make their margies with the institutional sweet and sour mix that comes in a bottle, imho there is no reason to ruin tequila with that sugary yuck stuff.

      1. Beer and Cheese quesadillas or chips and salsa.

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        1. re: Burger Boy

          beer is good too
          if they have any on draft, avoid it. get bottled.
          good idea burger boy.

        2. I think their pork enchiladas are good.

          1. The funny thing is that the one in Carmel has a couple things on their menu that are just fantastic. I found that one to be far better than the one in venice. it's too bad really as I think they are owned by the same people.