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Jun 11, 2009 04:04 PM

Best Thai in Houston

Hey all,

There are some old posts about this, but I'd like to have a new one, where we really get lots of feedback about Thai food specifically. I think the favorites, as I've gathered from looking at all previous posts, are:

Vieng Thai
Nidda Thai
Thai Bistro??

I don't believe there are any other Thai places that one would say are better than these. Let's have it out. Which is your favorite? Why? How does Vieng Thai compare to Kanowan?

For me, Kanowan's Tom Ka soup is the best I've ever had. But I can be convinced that Vieng Thai is better.


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  1. IMO Kanamwan excels in their soups, most dishes after that are good. But the soups, my goodness they are good.
    Vieng Thai has many more great dishes but the soup doesn't match Kanamwan.
    A sleeper way out in sugar land is Bangkock Thai. it is way better than it has to be.