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Jun 11, 2009 04:00 PM


Hey Southern Hounders

Am staying in Nashville over 4 July weekend - leaving 5 July , so looking for great brunch for last morning before long drive to Atlanta and then flight back to UK. Staying at the Hermitage - so what are the best places to go whether in terms of quality, atmosphere or ideally both ? !

Looking for a last day unforgettable experience to remember holiday by, and more than likely a good hangover cure too.

If you could specify whether places are in stumbling distance from the Hermitage and whether there is a need to book, that would be a real help.


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  1. Germantown Cafe has a great Sunday brunch and is just a quick (5 minutes or so) car/cab ride from the Hermitage. It is in the Germantown area and has great shrimp & grits, different benedicts, etc. with a great view of downtown Just across the street there is a great coffee shop called Drink Haus that opens at 9am on Sunday so you could start working on your hangover there prior to brunch. It's a nice neighborhood for a walk.

    Hillsboro Village has several places for brunch as well and it's also just a 5-10 minute ride away. Fido is a coffee shop (also serves beer and wine) with great food (breakfast burritos, wonderful oatmeal, etc.) and just next door is Jackson's which has a great brunch with a full bar for bloody mary's, etc. Pancake Pantry is next door which gets lots of press and folks either love it or think it's overrated. I fall into the second category -- no pancake is worth standing in line when I'm hot, hungry, and potentially hungover!

    Hope this helps; enjoy your visit!

    1. Yes, Germantown Cafe is awesome -one of the best brunches in town.

      If you don't want to leave the hotel, though, I'm pretty sure that the Capitol Grill serves brunch. And if it's as good as the rest of their food is, it would be a great meal.