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Jun 11, 2009 03:43 PM

Real Philly Cheesesteak in MSP - Help Please

Can someone help me out with my request - every time I try a philly cheesestreak at a new place I either get a French Dip w/ Swiss Cheese melted on it or some type of fajita meat .....please no receommendations for those mall operations.

Thanks in advance

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  1. I lived in Philly for 13 years, and have searched near and far in Minnesota for something that resembles the real thing...with little luck. So far, the one at Uncle Frankie's (the one on the U campus in that weird little "mall") comes closest. But like finding "New York style pizza" outside of the greater NY area is impossible, finding a Philly cheesesteak outside of the Philly / south Jersey area is impossible, if for no other reason that Amoroso rolls are not available outside the Philly area. Good luck in your quest!

    1. Hi irishluck:

      This topic was exhaustively covered in this thread:


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        I think if someone wanted to make some $ they would open an Authentic Philly shop somewhere close to the core metro area.

      2. So the bun makes it authentic? My version of an "authentic" Philly cheesesteak is paper thin sliced ribeye pan fried w/ onions and topped w/ Cheez Whiz and then topped w/ sliced hot cherry peppers. Am I close?

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          That sounds like how my old roommate used to make them (he's a transplant from Philly), though he sometimes substituted white American cheese for the Cheez Whiz. As far as I know, the only "authentic" Philly cheesesteaks he ever had in MN were the ones he made himself.

        2. I've had the philly cheesesteack at papa's but I am no where near an expert. check it out. I'l like to know

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            as a transplanted NJer you may know how hwrd I have been trying to find east coast food. I thought I had tried everywhere and found nothing. However, on the advice of type2runner, I ventured up to N MPLS to try Papa's cheesesteak....I not only found a great cheesesteak but a fellow NJian, direct from Chambersberg or more apropiatly, da Burg As I looked over the menu I found something that got my heart pounding...Tomato Pie! I asked to meet Papa and he happily came over to speak with a fellow Trentonian..Papa makes fresh tossed tomato pies with fresh ground garlic which he happily made right before my eyes...great crust , fresh ingredients , and lots of garlic. We talked about his cheesesteak which is made with provolone (i know, i know, it's not wiz) and the first thing out of his mouth was "don't expect philly rolls". Still, even with the soft roll it was the best around here. The tomato pie was the best around here as well. He also carries Tastycakes and italian gelato. The restaurant itself was nice, clean and perfect for kids. The server was his lovely daughter. We talked pork roll and italian hot dogs and here's hoping they are on the menu soon!! A great family run place. If you like garlic , try the garlic tomato pie, you will taste it all day!! and that's a good thing in my book!

            1. re: buenosds

              Sweet report buenosds. I have fond memories of visiting family in Philly and gorging on Tastycakes as a kid...I had no idea you could get them out here. Now all we need is someplace that carries Utz Crab Chips.

              1. re: buenosds

                Thanks for the great report. Appreciate knowing Papas is a good NJ type replacement

                AND, try the cheesecake. I'm still drooling over the in-house made piece I had a while back.

                1. re: type2runner

                  type 2, thanks for the cheesecake rec. I was all excited to see cannoli on there (former Philly resident and really miss them) but called to see if they made them there and was told no, they order them from Restaurant Depot which is kind of like Sysco from what I can tell. So I'm glad Papa's does some stuff from scratch- and who knows the cannoli might be ok---they come as shells and separate filling that the restaurant puts in. I am very intrigued by the 'tomato pie' . Don't believe I've had that, will be going over to try it soon.

                  1. re: faith

                    ya know what? forget the cheesesteak, try the garlic tomato pie!!
                    bring some certs!

            2. Yeah, Uncle franky's on broadway is pretty much the best I've had. There was a store on 33rd and Chicago ave in s. mpls that had a pretty good one. But I haven't been there in years.

              I'm going to have to try that papa's----looks good. Although really $$$$$.