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Jun 11, 2009 03:35 PM

The Inn Freehold NJ Rt 79

At some point recently passed a new billboard on Rt 9 - Does anyone know if this is under new management? Think this used to be or still is Van's Freehold Inn South Street?

In any case, any insight? Or is this just the same place with a new billboard on Rt 9.
Could not locate any website or information.

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  1. It is the old 75 South St, I passed it the other night and noticed it is now an Inn, no other info.

    1. Wow! Talk about a blast from the past! I haven't been to or thought of Van's since...well, I can't remember when.

      Re: 75 South. Another name change (and new owner)? Last I recall, it was called South Street Victorian. Here's the website: .

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        That link be dead now. I remember when it was just 75 South like 15 years ago. They did spectacular sauces and presentations. Cot a copy of their old menu here: