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Best Shrimp in Boston and MetroWest?

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Where can I find the best fish and shrimp in Boston and MetroWest preferably?
I'm allergic to lobster, crab, clams and company.... So I'm really looking for a large selection of fish...

Thanks a lot.

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  1. Salt and Pepper fried shrimp at Peach Farm, Chinatown! OM NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM

    1. Thanks, I'm looking for a more Western approach though :)

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        Restaurant or store?
        Catch restaurant in Winchester may be your best Metrowest bet. Usually nice fresh preps.
        If it's really simple grilled fish, but fresh, though you'll get a lot of naysayers here, the quality assurance at Legal Seafoods remains quite strong. So if fresh is your sine qua non...

        For stores, though i haven't been, New Deal in Cambridge gets lots of positives.
        If you're mobile, Globe seafood shows up at many of the farmer's markets....today the Bedford FM make's its debut of the season 2:30-5, I think. Globe is usually there.