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Jun 11, 2009 02:31 PM


Any reviews on Pates in Chatham.

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  1. Pates reminds me of a place my grandmother might have enjoyed. Red vinyl booths, waitresses that appear to have worked there forever. Basic steaks, baked stuffed sole, twice baked potatoes, iceburg lettuce salads. My DH and I went there b/c we were given a gift certificate by...guess who... a grandparent! We were the youngest folks there on a Saturday night by several decades, and we are in our 40's. Not anywhere I would choose to spend an evening given the many other choices available.

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      Did you have a shirley temple too?? I went to a place like that as a kid: Kites in Grafton Ma..haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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        Everything jillian said is true except the clientele is more diverse than she makes it sound. I was going there in my 30's and the main reason was the prime rib which was carved in plain view of the main dining room. It was, and still is, as of my most recent visit last year, the best thing on their menu and I will be back.
        Maybe not cutting edge but worth a trip if you have beef in mind.