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Need help with Bridal shower in NYC for 20

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Hi - I'm planning a bridal shower for 20 - 25 people in NYC for August. Looking at doing it as a Sunday brunch with mimosas. Anyone help with venues....my price range is $30 pp

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  1. Cibo on 2nd Avenue at 41st is a great place for a bridal brunch.

      1. Unfortunately, I have called a few of these and they are out of my price range. I want to include mimosas or find a place that will let us bring our own...since this is what seems to drive the cost up. Looking to spend $35 pp

        1. Try Gnocco in the EV. They have a beautiful garden room and will work with you on menu and pricing. I hosted a shower there in your price range.

          1. Try contacting the Wyndham Garden Hotel on 36th. It's a new hotel but it has a rooftop Terrace! It also has a fantastic restaurant, which is enclosed in nothing but windows and attached to an outdoor courtyard. I know for a fact that they can work within your budget b/c I spoke with them the other day!!

            1. Okay, trust me I've got the perfect place for your shower. Night of the Cookers Restaurant on Fulton Street, in Brooklyn, NY. I have had many dinner parties there and they have a Sunday Brunch from 11am-4pm, and you could get the back of restuarant for your party. They have a bar and great food. let me know if you need anything else or if you go there.

              1. I just went to a bridal shower brunch a Kefi and it was absolutely terrific. The staff is wonderful (they did a great job working around speeches, etc) and the food, of course, was great. I don't know the exact price. However, Kefi is generally quite reasonable, so it may be worth a call.