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Jun 11, 2009 02:13 PM

Flatiron Lounge Qs

I've got dinner at 8 on Saturday not far from the Flatiron Lounge, and I'm trying to figure out if it's a good place for pre- or post- dinner drinks. Hoping someone who's been there can help shed some light.

1) Is it likely to be packed at either 7ish on a Saturday night, or 11 - 12ish? That is, if I show up with a party of 4 or maybe 6, are we likely to be able to sit and talk over cocktails, or will it be too crowded?

2) Let's say the mix of people includes folks who know and like cocktails and also ones who less adventurous and familiar, and would be just as happy drinking a beer (or whose idea of a tasty cocktail is a green apple martini). Will the green apple martini folks feel out of place? (Don't think anyone would order one, but it's where the expectation level may lie.)

Anyways - thanks for any feedback.

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  1. I'd be willing to bet 7pm is better than 11-12a, but I have only been there after work. Your apple martini friends hopefully would be enticed by the cocktail menu of froofy (and creative) drinks, although I'd bet they would be fine if they ordered an apple martini- just expect the bartender to roll his/her eyes a bit. In general, I find Flatiron to have perfectly pleasant, unpretentious bartenders, it's the clientele that is sometimes douche-y.

    1. I'll leave #1 to others, as I haven't been to FL with a 4-6 person group and have only sat at the bar. The table area has seemed generally full to me when I've gone in 11-ish on Saturday, but thats not to say you couldn't get a spot. I haven't been pre-dinner. On #2, the service is great and I don't think there would be any snobbery for non-adventurous ordering, its too classy for that. And if anyone in your group wants something sweet etc., maybe they'd be comfortable just asking the bartender for something sweet and leaving the rest to them--I'm sure they'd whip up something both on the sweet side and much better than standard bar fare. Hope you get to go, their drinks are terrific.

      1. I've been there on a Saturday a few times around 9-10 and it's pretty packed, with lots of people standing. And it only got more crowded as the night went on. We only had a few seats because our friends had gotten there much earlier, but there weren't enough seats for everybody.

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          1. My pre-dinner experiences at Flatiron Lounge have been good. I have never seen more than 10 people there before 8pm. We've always been able to have a seat and chance a discussion with the bartender.

            As for your second question, I've been with friends who are definitely apple martini girls, but while they were at first daunted by the menu, they took the plunge and ordered something creative and enjoyed it. In fact I think they may have asked the bartender what an apple martini drinker would like and he was able to whip up something with Applejack or Calvados.