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Jun 11, 2009 01:52 PM

Mandola's Redo

A friend went to Mandola's in the Triangle the other day and said the whole menu has been redone. It's not reflected online yet, and I haven't been in a while.
Anyone been with some info on what's changed? My friend was disappointed they no longer offer the Salad Nicoise. It was a favorite.

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  1. It seems to me that selected items have changed, but lots of the favorites remain. I was a little disappointed to see my favorite soup missing (the one with the hunk of bread in it), but it's been replaced by a wonderful, chock-full of veggies minestrone. The Antipasto platter has been downsized to a $9.99 version. Some new pizzas, sandwiches, etc...

    1. I eat there about three times a month. The change I noticed is that the porchetta sandwich is back on the menu. It pleases me because it was my favorite and I sent them copious hate-mail when they took it off a few months ago. Now if they could only get the kitchen folk to stop over-salting it, all would be well. (it is not that it is cooked with too much salt, it seems to be a random thing with who ever cuts the meat and prepares the sandwich.

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        Thank god the porchetta is back on. That sandwich one of my favorites. I wanted to stop going there after the change, but since the ol ball and chain likes the pizza, I went there anyway and may have made some some... "pushy" remarks about getting it back on the menu. Lots of drunken hate mail as well. Good times.