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Jun 11, 2009 01:43 PM

Tell me about Jasper's in Plano

Anyone eat here recently?Zagat's rates them a 24, but what do the chowhounders say? Is it worth the drive from Grapevine?

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  1. It's ok. Food's nothing special. Somewhat nice restaurant, really loud, lots of rich white guys being rich white guys. Other than that it's not a bad place for a date, since you can walk around outside afterwards. I'm not a fan of their bartender who gave me a shaken martini. If your idea of a great meal is Smitty's or Kreuz, you probably won't be impressed. Not bad or anything, but not a true chowhound place.

    1. I'll second Luniz's opinion.

      1. Agreed, the food is good but not great. They do a nice food presentation as any higher end restaurant, but there food is nothing special. Taste wise I think that Kelly's Eastside in downtown Plano does as good a job for 1/3 the price. There are plenty of places at the same price point in DFW with much more interesting food.

        1. I've been to the one in Spring...Kent Rathbun, right? Bottom line is that it's not cheap and you can have a much better meal elsewhere in Dallas. If you do go, the limeade cake with cherries is really good. Everything else was just okay. I kind of imagine it being in the infancy stages of becoming a national chain.

          1. I'v been there twice. I really wanted to like it as it is close by for us but both times we we're really dissappointed.