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Jun 11, 2009 01:41 PM

Where to find John Morrell links (16/pkg)?

Who has them now ? Safeway, FoodMax ?

These come in polish or smoked flavor. They are longer than average bun.

I bought them before at Lucky but it is sometimes hard to find. They come 16 per package. Tasted great and great price too for like $3-5 per pkg. Good for soups because they are large and succulent.

Not as great tasting as the more expensive ones but very decent.

The links are shown below at the bottom

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  1. Keep an eye on you local Grocery Outlet! I have seen them at the Oakland branch, not this month but in the recent past.

    1. Saw Them a few days ago at Food Max Fremont I think they were $6.99

      1. These links are terrilble!

        I'm from the Iowa town where these are produced and they stunk up the whole town!

        I just saw them at Safeway in Diamond Heights though, if this is any help!