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Jun 11, 2009 01:38 PM

Lunch Spot in Leona Valley/Palmdale??

I'm going cherry picking on Saturday and need a place to eat afterwards! I will be coming from LA. Who knows good spot for lunch? Thanks!

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  1. You must not have been to Leona Valley before It is very small. We always stop at Cavi at the Big Oaks for wood fired pizza on the way back, I'm not sure which way you are planning on driving, you may have to alter you route to go there Lunch on weekends is either the pizza or they have a grill and do a couple types of sandwiches

    there are also reviews on yelp for it.

    1. Hi, I'm looking for the same thing! We are going today. Did you find anything?

      1. I'm taking the family to go cherry picking in Leona Valley this upcoming weekend. Which orchards do you guys recommend? We were going to take a picnic with us unless you guys found some really great restaurant that we can't miss. Thanks!

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          call before you go to whatever orchard you plan on going to, they may be picked out. The one I go to is by invitation only, so you would have had to sign up earlier in the year

          Here is a website with the orchards, I checked a few, and some are already closed for the year, so call before you drive out