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Fried Clams

Anyone know where you can find real New England (long neck) fried clams anywhere in LA?

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  1. I don't know if they're "long neck" but Sid's Seafood in Canoga Park has whole bellies, not strips and they are delicious.

    1. Have had them recently at Jar and again 2 wks ago at Ford's Filling Station...a far cry from Woodman's but beggars can't be choosers.

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        That's funny - I've recently had them at Jar and Ford's as well. Really liked Jar's but wasn't as excited with Ford's but wasn't excited about Ford's in general - in fact was quite disappointed after hearing such good things about it.

      2. I was born and brought up in Boston. Once we moved here, my wife and I waited impatiently as the the Howard Johnson restraunts slowly made its way west. until it finally came to Los Angeles. For many years thereafter, whenever my wife and I wanted fried clams, we went to a Howard Johnson. I don't know if there are more still open, but if you camn find one.....GO! You will NOT regret it. Good luck

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          I ate a ton of fried clams,fries,cole slaw at all u can eat at HoJos(I think Weds.) in Detroit as a teen but alas I think they went the way of the dinosaurs...used to sell them frozen in the marketa, Howard Johsons Orange Roofs..hotels also...great ice cream. As I got older the food was so so

        2. I don't know if they are long neck...but I've always enjoyed the fried clams at Neptune's Net on PCH at County Line

          1. This has been covered before by us displaced east coasters and new englanders:


            1. http://www.sonnymcleans.com/history.html

              Closest I've had to ones I used to get in New England, menu is great and so is the bar! Especially if you're a Boston sports fan!

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                Wow, what a deal. Being a devout Sox fan, this is a no brainer. I stayed away all these years thinking I'd run into all those displaced Southies!!

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                  T.O. Fish and Chips on Thousand Oaks blvd

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                    Not Southies, you'll run into displaced Emersonians by the boatload. You may, as a lot of us have, find those clams not quite good enough to satisfy your craving (not sweet, briny and mealy tasting] but sometimes they have to do. My Next Place to Try is Seafood Sid's Since I trust all of Tom Swifts recommendations Implicitly. But I never seem to get to that part of the Valley so it will take some effort

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                      My kind of guys. I didn't think there were any Brahmans in existance. Can't wait to try out both. Pretty interesting to see that there are only 2 in all of LA!

                2. sonny mclean's in santa monica has the real deal.