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Jun 11, 2009 01:23 PM

Lunch on La Brea tomorrrow

I'm looking for a yummie lunch place (open to all kinds of food) with comfortable seating/nice atmosphere (we'll need to do some business). Having not been in that neck of the woods for a while, I'm wondering what's good these days. Any recs, please?

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  1. Campanile would be a good choice.

      1. re: alephnaught

        What is Cafe Verona (cuisine/vibe)?

        1. re: candee

          cafe verona is a small place. probably not good for groups of more than 4. its really sidewalk seating thats covered by plants, etc. nice quiet place for a date. not sure about a business meet. plus its more of a breakfast place in my opinion.
          campanile is probably a good idea. CA-Brea is an italian option. Luna Park is another option.

          1. re: samtron608

            I forgot about Luna Park! That might be the ticket. Thanks on that. Although the rec is much appreciated, I didn't want to go as white tablecloth as Campanile.

      2. How about Cube Restaurant on LaBrea near Beverly. It's part of the the Pasta Company but the menu has grown quite a bit from just a couple of pasta dishes. I've been there several time as well done carryout and everything has been delicious.

          1. re: mdpilam

            i second umami, especially if everyone's in the mood for really great burgers...however, it's not the biggest place - if you go at a non-peak hour you could probably still snag a large table and get some work done