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Jun 11, 2009 12:51 PM

Ummmm....heh.....anyone know if CF Donovan's in Hyde Park is opening soon?

I was just reading a note online that said it was almost ready to open, but then I realized that the note was from 2007.

Is this dead in the water? Does anyone know?

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  1. I was at Savin Hill location a few months ago and it still hadn't opened. Can't say I think it will happen. Arthur had hired a management team last summer to put some time in training for the new location but then nothing. The divorce is probably what tied up everything so who knows.

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    1. re: Pegmeister

      This opening has been delayed for several years... I heard that his wife divorced him in early 2008 so I don't know why the divorce is a continuing issue unless Arthur just doesn't want to do it because of additional alimony he'd have to pay with the money from a new restaurant .... or maybe he's just getting out of the business entirely.... He's obviously not in any rush to expand.

      1. re: KBA

        Can't figure this one out, even the furniture seems to be in place and lights are left on outside at night now. If he isn't going to open it he should sell it or rent it. We have so little choices for food in this neighborhood.

        BTW had dinner at The Hyde, the old Dotties. While I wasn't impressed with their breakfast the dinner we had was quite good and inexpensive. I had the grilled meatloaf. Not a great evening dining atmosphere but they are planning on updating it.

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          the hyde - agree about breakfast. the pancakes are fantastic, but the homemade sausage was a little dry (but very peppery). Had the grilled meatloaf last week - excellent, on fantastic mashed with a great sauce. salmon burger is also really good.

    2. I mean absolutely zero snark when I ask this, but what is the big deal about this place? Why all the hype? To be honest, it sounds like another nameless gastropub that serves the same old fare. The dishes sound pretty boring to me.

      I'm asking with all honesty. Don't take offense if you are some Donovan's f4nb0y. ;)

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        Donovans Savin Hill is a good neighborhood spot. The food is solid, if not creative. They remained popular even during a period in which they were going through a new chef every few weeks. At one time, I was a regular there, but the chef I liked moved on as did many of the bartenders. I think the interest in Hyde Park is more curiousity than anything. Arthur has been very successful in Savin Hill, has put all this money into a new location, stated numerous times they would be open in a "few months" "few weeks" but it never happens. People just wonder why. My opinion, it's the economy and personal issues.

        1. re: Pegmeister

          Oooh.. thank you for the well thought-out (and kind) response. Having lived in Hyde Park briefly, I can definitely see the excitement in having such a place nearby.