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Jun 11, 2009 12:41 PM

Pizza in Silver Spring

I've recently moved to Silver Spring from Arlington, and while I'm quite happy about some of the changes --and similarities -- in culinary availability (walking distance to the General Store, yay! I can still get my Pollo Rico fix, and now with yummy plantains, yay!), there is one critical food item that remains fully out of my grasp: pizza.

And yes, I am a food snob. I lived in NYC for a while and was totally spoiled. My fiance grew up in Queens and is similarly spoiled. I'm not looking for the Best Pizza in the Western Hemisphere, I just want to be able to pick up a pizza every now and then and not feel like I'm wasting calories on it.

In the past I would have agreed with the notion that there is no bad pizza, that even the worst pizza is still OK. But I have not yet eaten a pizza in the greater Silver Spring area that I would volunteer to eat again. And with the rich diversity of food options in the area I cannot, I WILL NOT believe that there is no good pizza.

Here's what we've tried:
Armands (thin with pepperoni): Don't care for Chicago style, sauce on the thin crust is unpleasantly acrid.
ZPizza (pepperoni & mushroom): Bland and wan, sauce too sweet.
Dominic's (meatball and cheese): Absolutely the most disgusting thing I've ever had -- I threw it out and ordered Chinese food, it was so bad. Tombstone would be better.
Manny & Olga's (pepperoni): Not great, not awful, but Domino's would be better (ugh).
Mamma Lucia's: (See Manny & Olga's).
Some Pub thing up by Kensington: Yucky.

At this point I'm willing to drive 15-20 minutes or so... I've seen a NutHouse Pizza, is that any good?

Any and all suggestions would be welcome... I prefer NY-style pizza but I'm willing to try just about anything at this point. I refuse to have Domino's or Pizza Hut be the best option.

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  1. Pizza Stop on Bel Pre Road in Plaza Del Mercado is very acceptable to this ex-Brooklynite.

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    1. re: skipper

      It really is pretty good pizza. Whenever we take one of the dogs to the vet--Norbeck Animal Clinic--we stop and pick up a pie on the way home. It's much better than anything else Silver Spring has to offer and the prices are good.

    2. IF you're willing to go to Rockville, Giuseppi's and the Federal Plaza Mamma Lucia's are quite respectable NY-style pies.

      The ML in Rockville has little in common with the SS location.

      NutHouse is kosher, and really not good. Two unconnected, but true, statements.

      1. We also live within walking distance of the General Store--I'm addicted to the chicken and the lemon chess pie, but that's for another thread....

        Mia's in Bethesda has excellent pizza and it's only a 10-15 minute drive from our house. When we want something really good and don't want to fight the drive into DC and the parking situation around Two Amy's, that's our choice.

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        1. re: JeffCraddock

          I really like Mia's as an "upscale" pie, but it's too expensive to be a regular neighborhood pizza joint, and it's really nothing like NY style.

          1. re: JeffCraddock

            If you are willing to go to Bethesda, then Corner Slice is decent NY-style (not particularly special, but respectable). (Not sure what Whitchef means by saying it's never open-- I've never had a problem with that.)

          2. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU. I will add these both to the list. Chowhounds rock.

            1. I saw that a "Flippin' Pizza" is going to be opening soon in SS. I just had lunch at the Falls Church branch, and while it wouldn't survive 5 minutes in Brooklyn, it's a reasonable facsimile.

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              1. re: DanielK

                Where exactly? There wasn't any info on the website.

                1. re: shellymck

                  I remember reading a reference to it, I think on this board, so maybe do a search here or on teh Google.