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Jun 11, 2009 12:28 PM

Best place in Philly to take Dad


For my dad's birthday we are driving down to Philadelphia for the weekend. He's a big lover of food but nothing gets to his heart more than a good hamburger and hot dog. So far the weekend is packed with places like Pat's, but we're thinking of taking him for a saturday night sit-down meal. Nothing too fancy... he hates places with big white plates and teeny portions. But, he does still appreciate a real good meal. Any suggestions on a mid-priced place with delicious food?

I'm looking at Little Fish online, how's that?


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    1. Little Fish is great but very small and tables are very close together. Don't get me wrong - we love it, but an important consideration. Cochon, right across the street from Little fish might fit your bill - French bistro food. I keep wanting to add Gayle, because I really like it and found the portions quite substantial, but it does have some odd things on the menu...

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        good luck getting a ressie at little fish, it has become tricky. i brought my meat and potatoes-ish father to osteria and he loved it! it can get pricey though, especially if you like wine and cocktails with your food. if you want to stay with italian, try dante and luigi's. it's a red gravy joint and appeals to good eaters and fusspots alike. it is the only red gravy that i will eat outside of my own family's too, if that tells you anything (alas, it has been 14 years since nostalgia burned down and that was the only other place).

        and a gastropub rec is definitely good, of the three suggested below i would recommend standard tap the most. while prohibition is my favorite of those bars, standard tap's food has a few more years expereince behind it and is more interesting and varied. pub and kitchen leaves me cold, but that might be the clientele.

        i would also recommend monk's if you get there early and don't mind the wait.

      2. No, I wouldn't suggest Little Fish. It is little. My husband is not comfortable there, and portions are small. It is very good, but not for your dad.

        Does he like Italian food? There are wonderful Italian restaurants in Philly, and the portions are ample. He would probably enjoy L'Angolo, if you could get a reservation. It is not expensive, it is homey, and the food is really good. BYOB, and it might be cash only.

        1. You might want to try one of Philly's many great gastropubs. They are comfortable, usually have a good mix of food, including some great burgers if he hasn't had enough. A few that come to mine are Standard Tap, Pub & Kitchen, and Prohibition Tap Room, but there are many, many others.

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            If my dad were visiting Philly, the first place I would take him would be Monk's. It's a fun, casual, tavern atmosphere (albeit crowded on weekend nights), has an extensive beer list and great food -- the mussels, burgers and charcuterie platter are standouts. A close second to Monk's would be Standard Tap, or perhaps Pub & Kitchen, as suggested. Have fun!