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Ideas for using up CSA veggies: snow peas, zucchini, bok choy

My CSA has been sending an awful lot of snow peas, zucchini, and bok choy. All I can think of to do with the snow peas is to blanch them and make a cold salad or stir fry them. I've done various pastas with the zucchini, roasted it, and used it in sweet breads. The bok choy has entirely thrown me for a loop! I'm feeling bored with these preparations already, and it looks like I have a few weeks of these veggies yet to come. Any suggestions for more inventive uses? Thanks!

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  1. Send them to me! :)

    I Throw Bok Choy on the grill, halved and dressed with sesame oil and soy.

    If the Zukes are normal-sized, I cut them in half, scoop out the middles, and stuff them - Try using a bit of sausage or ham, breadcrumbs, mushrooms, whatever tastes good to you - Make sure to finely chop your favorite hebs for stuffing (and always cook the meat first) Top with PR or any good cheese- Then roast in the oven until *JUST* tender, you don't want them to be mushy.

    Or, chop all three into bite-sized pieces, and fry with chopped potatoes for a hash or use for filling for an omlette, fritatta, or quiche.


    1. Bok choy is really good stir fried. Chop the stems and leaves, and stir fry the stems for a minute or two then throw in the leafy part. Add a dash of soy sauce, sesame oil, and some sesame seeds.

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        Thiis is what I usually do with it as well. Just the other day, I stir fried it, then threw in a little butter, with soy sauce and balsamic. Everyone loved it.

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          That sounds great. I'm going to try it next week with some baby bok choy. Perfect recipe, because the balsamic and soy sauce are the same color- that way my husband who "hates" balsamic won't know it's there

      2. If you're looking for something different for the bok choy, you can use it instead of cabbage in any cabbage recipes you like. Hungarian style, for instance, braised with pork, paprika and onions, with sour cream added at the end.

        For the zucchini, find a recipe for zucchini bread, make up a couple of big batches, and you throw some in the freezer for later in the summer.

        Snow peas make a very pretty appetizer -- steam until just tender, blanch in ice water, slit open one side and using a tube, fill with shrimp, tuna or salmon salad, or a softened goat cheese mixture.

        1. Bok choi makes a good salad as well. Chop into one-inch chunks, and cut the leaves into manageably-sized pieces. Add two diced scallions and some toasted pecans. Then add a sweetened soy vinaigrette, and voila! This is fairly sturdy, and holds up well for picnics and such.

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            I make a version of this salad often. No pecans though, I use a packet of ramen noodles or cashews.

          2. zucchini fries!
            zucchini fritters!
            snow pea fries!
            (of course you can batter and bake your fries instead of frying- I do this all the time)

            1. shred the zucchini raw for cold dishes; make cold or warm soup. roast, scoop out the centers and mix that flesh with rice/cous cous/cheese/ other veggies/herbs/nuts/golden raisins/yogurt for stuffed zucchini "boats".

              agreed on the grilled bok choy. you can also pickle it. think of it like cabbage.

              1. For the zucchini, try zucchini carpaccio.

                Slice the zukes very very thin and put on platter. Toast some pine nuts and scatter over. Drizzle with a good olive oil and add coarse salt and pepper to taste. Grate some parmesan or another flavorful hard cheese over and serve. Tastes even better if you let it sit for about 15 minutes before serving but it can be tough to wait.

                Sometimes I grill the zukes in my mini Geo Forman and then give them the same treatment as above.

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                  What a great idea!! We are doing burgers on the grill tonight, and it sounds like this would be perfect alongside. Do you think asiago would work, or would it overpower the zucchini?

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                    I think it would be perfect. Zucchini is a nice canvas for stronger flavors, IMO.

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                      We JUST finished downing this as a quick appetizer before dinner, and it was fantastic! We were going to eat it with dinner, but it looked too good to wait. The pine nuts were perfect for it! Thanks so much. Have you ever squeezed any lemon over it? I was thinking that could be nice - just a touch. Thanks again.

                2. Zucchini "lasagna" is a great idea, I do the same with eggplant.

                  What about eggs? Beat a couple eggs, add in some feta and herbs and thinly sliced or shredded zucchini and bake in an individual baking dish for 8 min or so for a great breakfast, or serve with wine and call it lunch! I love experimenting with veggies and omelettes. Have never tried a snow pea or boy choy omelette but I bet you could make it work:)

                  1. Soup! With or without chicken or pork.

                    1. I like shredded zuke in potato latkes, minestrone soup, and with eggplant as a gratin. Snow peas and bok choy I add to ramen packages along with cilantro and lime juice and bean sprouts to make my cracker version of pho.

                      1. Here are a couple for the zukes -
                        - dice, add a little olive oil, some minced garlic, black pepper, sprinkle 'italian seasoning' (Mccormicks or other), put in baking dish, top with panko, a little parm cheese and more pepper (you want it to be between half and inch and an inch thick, everything not the an topping) - bake at 350
                        - slice, coat with a little olive oil, put on grill, add a little black pepper, cook some, turn over, add more pepper and a little parm cheese, remove when cheese is melted

                        For the bok choy - I like it steamed, then bathed in some Wegmans Spicy Orange sauce (hopefully you are near a Wegmans) Also add cooked scallops as necessary.

                        I would also grill everything together with a little olive oil - snow peas, sliced zukes, and bok choy - I would also add some onions or shallots, sweet peppers, and some of those little carrots (sliced into three pieces lengthwise) - it's a texture thing!

                        And then there is always pizza...

                        1. For the snow peas--toss with sweet soy, sesame oil and sesame seeds and broil 5-7 minutes. Good hot or cold (if any last until they cool down). The best thing I've recently discovered for using zucchini is mock crab cakes: shredded zukes (drain and press as much water as possible out of them), an egg, bread crumbs (I use panko), Old Bay seasoning. Form into patties, coat in additional panko, bake on a lightly oiled pan 15-20 minutes a side at 400. They don't taste like crab, but they don't taste like zucchini either (that's a plus...). Bok choy, you're on your own...I can never think of any use except in stir fries.