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Jun 11, 2009 11:48 AM

Protein Supplements....

I'm wondering what the best tasting whey protein supplements (powdered kind) is on the market??? I've tried Isoflex and Isoxp in past and they're both okay, but I'm hoping there's better...

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. I usually buy Whey protein isolate, Natural flavour by ALLMAX from Popeye Supplements store on Yonge, south of Bloor. It's around $40

    2. i've always mixed my powders with some sort of juice so the actual taste of the plain powder is never an issue.
      my current favorite is OJ blended with a banana.

      1. I like Nectar brand, they've got some fun fruity flavors. A nice break from the standard choc/vanilla/strawberry.

        1. Right now I'm using Champion brand whey chocolate flavored protein. I usually just mix it with water and when I'm home and have extra time, I take out the blender and mix with ice to make it more like a smoothie and if its after I've worked out, I'll add some blueberries and a small banana.

          I also use to buy the IDS brand which is an isolate whey protein in the cinnamon vanilla. Ideally, I think the isolate whey protein is the best type of protein for you.

          I use to live in Miami where everyone is real big into working out and keeping fit. There were lots of health stores there where they had a big selection of all kinds of suppliments and protein drinks. I use to buy a lot of my protein from a store called Mass Nutrition. They were very competative with their prices as well as would match a price somewhere else if it was lower. Now living in the Midwest, (only temporarily), I've had a harder time finding both of these. I now order on line, Mass Nutrition. They have a big selection of different protein powders and are also very helpful if you call them. Good luck!

          1. Designer Protein is very good. The chocolate, French vanilla and strawberry flavors taste like milkshakes after they have melted. I use the Optimum Nutrition brand and several flavors are very good: chocolate malt, vanilla ice cream, root beer float, rocky road and fruit punch are favorites.