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Jun 11, 2009 11:21 AM

Anyone eaten at DBGB yet?

Curious likes & dislikes on the menu. I will be going tonight. Happy to share my thoughts in the morning.

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  1. Could you report after you visit the place? I'm going tomorrow for dinner

    1. Yes and not blown away. Our table had sausage, chopped salad, pate, the roast lamb, the braised steak (flatiron maybe?), the skate, a Frenchie burger and some desserts. The best sausage was a kaisser something and was filled with cheese and came with kraut. It was really good. The pate was a disappointment...they should turn it into a better plate or bump the price and give you a couple is it's just whatever and they just slap down a slice of pate and the same bread they bring you when you sit down. The burger was the one with the pork belly. I think you'd be better off going with the plain burger and adding bacon. I don't really understand the burgers...they're 6 oz, two come with crazy pork toppings (the pork belly and another with daisy may's pulled pork and slaw), and cost $17-$19. The braised steak was great. The ice cream sundaes were ridiculously good.

      I guess I couldn't really figure the place out or I wanted it to be something it wasn't. The space is pretty awesome and the entrees are good. The burger was underwhelming (but there are so many good burgers in the city). I think you could approach it in two different ways: one trip you could go the apps/ entrees/ desserts and wine route and another way would be to just order three or four sausages and a bunch of beer. I'm sure the place will kill and will be packed late night but I was surprised by my "meh" attitude about it considering how much I like the other DB restaurants.

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        I had dinner there on Friday. Not blown away either. I had the sausage you were talking about, I think it's the Viennoise. I actually found it rather unappealing. The taste was good but the color was this awful pale pinkish grey. Maybe it was the lighting but god the look was completely unappetizing. Thank god it tasted better then it looked but it was still just ok.

        My appetizer was good though. It was asparagus with a breaded fried (semi-hard boiled) egg with duck chitlins and procuitto. And yes the ice cream sundaes were delicious. I didn't try anyone else's food but the guest who had the frenchie really enjoyed it. other than thatm I'm not rushing back anytime soon.

        The decor however was really nice. I liked the space. Too bad the food isn't up to par

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          I third the "meh" opinion. The most outstanding feature of this place are the beers. SO many and the bartenders (especially) are so knowlegable. They encouraged us to sample a couple before deciding what to order a full glass of. We had cold cucumber soup (very nice with a bread stick with raw salmon), hot tomato bisque (the best part was the crostini), and three sausages. Vermonter, Viennoise and the last was not memorable enough to recall. We did not stick around for dessert due to the lackluster savory portion of the meal. Now I wish I had tried the sundaes!

          1. re: lollypop

            i'm on the 'meh' train as well.. although i'd say a little worse than 'meh' - place was pretty terrible to be honest. we're working on our full review but in short, i felt like i was in a Restoration Hardware eating dinner. There were too many people mulling around our table doing nothing but getting in the way and awkwardly tending to needs that didn't need to be attended to. Our waiter was ridiculous. didn't have a clue what was going on and looked way too much like He admitted he knew nothing about the menu and has only eaten the food once. Way overpriced, we had two different steak dishes, two sausages a bunch of apps (those salads are a joke) and nothing was impressive. except the bill. which was nuts for what we ate.

            seriously i'm not a hater, i buy in on most buzz but this place was just not good. it belongs on the upper east side and there, it would be a solid addition. no disrespect Flex Mussels. I love you. Don't be mad.

            new site!

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              UES has Cafe d' need for DBGB.

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            i've had the "viennoise" type sausage in vienna. it was terrible there too (and it's usually also wrapped in bacon). too bad DBGB doesn't label it on the menu the way most viennese restaurants (and sausage stands) have it: a puss stick.

        2. dbgb. Great food. We ordered tuna tartar (the only boring choice) and asparagus with egg as starters, then skate and steak as main courses. Wonderful. Carrots as a side fine but definitely not $6 worth. Front end service snippy as hell. This is how two men are treated during gay pride week? Fire the schmuck. Wrong entry served to us (two steaks, where's the skate?) but the apology so too little too late (check time) Daniel should fire this schmuck too.
          Recap: great food, so do go. Ugly experience for us.

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          1. re: workintheater

            I wasn't blown away...

            Cucumber soup- nice & refreshing

            Pate Campagnard- just ok (I am one who loves pate). They need to give more bread with this.

            Duck & Cherries- This was ok. The duck was well-cooked & the sauce complimented it, the spinach *needed something*

            I preferred the Sausage duo- (Vermont & Beaujolais)

            Veal Tongue- I am kinda scared of Veal tongue (it doesn't look too appetizing to me), but this was pretty darn tasty.

            Bone Marrow- The presentation is interesting. They serve you a big bone, that is cut on the side so you can take out the marrow. Personally I am not a fan of marrow, but other people at the table seemed to like it. I think I actually said, "Blech!" as I put it in my mouth & the other people looked at me like I was "uncultured" or something.

            The tripe was good too. I usually hate tripe (only had it in soup). This tripe was fried. I guess everything tastes good fried. :-)

            My fave thing was the pig's foot. It was fried. On the inside, it was kinda like shredded pastrami. Served with a dijon mustard. Yum!

            Fries- were good, but nothing special.

            The beer selection & wine were fabulous. My fave beer was the Rodenbach Grand Cru. I wish I remember what wine we got.

            The chocolate cake was amazing.

            All the sundaes were great. Listed in order of my favorites: 1. Coffee Chocolate 2.Apricot 3. Kriek Beer. But really, you can't go wrong.

            The Baked Alaska is a fun presentation. They set it on fire at your table. The verbena is very strong in this. I preferred the sundaes, though.

            The room was open, but somehow it felt claustrophobic. I wasn't a fan of the the decor, but it was fun looking at the pots from all the chefs.

            Service was friendly, but slow. The bathroom was dirty.

          2. Add me to the "meh" chorus. But with a caveat: the food was by and large very good. It's just the prices... I have no problem paying a lot of money for food - but I need to see value for price on the plate. And DBGB ain't got it. $17+ for a FIVE OUNCE burger? Seriously? Every bite was delicious, but that's simply ludicrous. Expand the burger to eight ounces - the wholesale cost will increase by, what, 50 cents? As they stand, were they one millimeter smaller you could call them "sliders" - and no one would pay $17 for a slider.

            The dogs and sausages, same problem. Small portions for the price. Heck, the hot dogs were nothing more special than you'd get at Crif Dogs, but for nearly double the cost. I'm sorry, but I'm not paying extra just because DB's initials are attached to something. And the portion sizes were so small that, honestly, you'd have to spend nearly as much as you would at Daniel or Cafe Boulud if you actually want to leave full.

            Mind you, I'm awful fond of Daniel. I didn't feel bad leaving either his namesake resto or Cafe Boulud or Bistro Moderne. But when I left DBGB I felt... ripped off. Not a good feeling. I may - MAY - be back to try some of the "regular" menu items. But I'm not in any hurry. There's so much to eat in the EV/LES at every price point, that unless radical changes are made, there's no need to go back to a place that left you feeling burned.

            Great beer list, yeah - but with DBA just a couple blocks away, why would anyone really give a crap?

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              Not that great - won't return. Went at lunchtime when it opened at 12 on the dot. Sat at the bar, friendly enough barmaid, decent beer list (but not overly special considering the multitude of places that now have a bunch of "craft" beers on tap...I was like, yeah decent list but not blown away like some others) ordered the yankee burger with vermont cheddar. Service awful. Took 45 mins for the burger to turn up...I was on the verge of leaving when it finally appeared. Very underwhelmed by it. To begin with, it is quite small...looked smaller then 6oz. Meat was nothing special, I ordered it medium and it came out cooked through but I let it pass as I did not want to wait another hour. It was also way too salty. Seriously over-seasoned. It was accompanied by a small portion of so-so fries that were entirely unremarkable and gone in about 3 bites. No garnish or anything else to accompany. Was about 17 bucks for the pleasure. Massively over-priced and with the dreadful service I won't rush back to this place.

            2. Sounds like a lot of people weren't that impressed with DBGB, but I really like the restaurant and took my family there for dinner when they were in town. Here's the rundown of what we ordered:

              - Beaujolaise sausage and merguez sausage with mint (two sausage combo deal) - both sausages were amazing, although when I went with my family, they ran out of the merguez sausage and substituted with a sausage that had Vermont cheddar and hash browns on the side. I don't think you can go wrong with any of the sausage choices

              - Cold cucumber soup - refreshing and light, but not something I'd order again.

              - Yankee burger with fries - kind of disappointed with the burger (although my friend says I'm crazy for not thinking the burger was amazing). The bun was too heavy and there wasn't enough meat. Also, the burger was a tad on the dry side, even though it was a medium rare (I might have been expecting too much considering I had the black label burger at Minetta a week before)

              - Skate - okay, but I think it's prepared much better at a Jean-Georges establishment

              - Handmade pasta with vegetables - pasta was cooked a little unevenly, but had a really great flavor and I'd order it again (although that portion was a little small).

              I'm not a wine/beer drinking so I didn't order any alcohol, but that menu might've been larger than the food menu! The desserts also looked really good, but I was so stuffed from the sausages, burger, and all the other good food that I couldn't even look at the dessert menu.

              Here is a full review and some pictures: