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Baby Blue BBQ in West Hollywood

Can I just tell you how much I love this place. West Hollywood needed a good bbq place for so long and now it has one. I love Memphis styled ribs where a dry rub is used and the ribs are smoked for 12-16 hours until they melt in your mouth. The ribs here are so good you don't need sauce. But if you a sauce kind of person, I recommend the porno sauce which is the extra hot sauce with a sweet undertaste. Yum. The brisket is amazing too, so tender and moist and fragrant. The pulled pork is good but was too moist for me. If you put porno sauce on it, it makes it a whole lot better.

Sides like mac and cheese, fried green tomatoes and hush puppies are good but I stick with the protein.

Place is casual and cool and prices are good to a bit expensive but totally worth it.

I think I'm in love. Sigh. LOL.

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    1. I'm a big fan of their ribs (both beef and pork). However, I hate how they cut their brisket. Other than that, I too love Baby Blues.

      1. I love them especially the ribs with the porno sauce. Try their burger and the banana pudding.

        1. Yes, we all love them, especially the pulled pork & the mac & cheese.

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            I have to say, I was underwhelmed. The Pulled Pork wasn't very good at all. It tasted boiled. Thought the sides were OK. Also thought it was expensive for what you get.

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              well, not sure when you got your pulled pork. Can't say I've ever gotten it and tasted boiled. Mine has been smoked and delicious. They seem to have an inconsistency problem.

              Tried a lot of mac & cheese in this city - can't say how you think it's not good.

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                If they have an "inconsistency problem" does that mean they're consistent? ;-D>

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                  It was very blah. The meat was soaked in it's own juices so long that it tasted boiled. Maybe it's been good in the past, but I haven't read very many reviews that were glowing enough to get me to go back. I also had the brisket which was like shredded meat. I've had BBQ all over the country and have never had brisket like that.

                  I didn't get any sense of 'smokiness" in either the pulled pork or the brisket.

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                    I have heard that before, about the brisket, but I've never gotten it, and now probably will stick to the ribs and pulled pork.

                    But I have heard he has a smoker the size of a VW bug, not sure if it's at the restaurant (behind it ,maybe?) but the venice location is tiny.

            2. The beer selection is a joke and our party of five almost left to go to BoHo. But, we stuck it out and the beef rib was fantastic. So were the shrimp and hush puppies. I would recommend this place, especially if beer isn't your thing.

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                AMEN, SaltCod!

                Baby Blues, please fix the beer!!!!!

              2. Baby Blue BBQ is fine acceptable BBQ but it is far from anything special. The ribs, both pork and beef were average. I do agree that the pulled pork was very good, probably the best think I had. But I thought the brisket was awful. First off it was pulled. I’ve never seen pulled brisket and I hope never to again. The stringy beef also had some kind of sauce on it - another brisket no-no.
                And for a few sides, The Mac&Cheese was interesting and worth trying. More baked than the boiled elbow noodles swimming in soupy orange cheese sauce, that everyone out here seems to accept as Mac&Cheese. The fried green tomatoes were good with a shot of hot sauce. I topped it off with a Kool-Aid that brought beck childhood memories for about 3 sips and the rest of it waste Battan Death March of finishing a beverage.
                The décor is the other BIG turn off. It’s got a pre-fab, focus group, trying too hard appearance. Like a Bubba Gump or Rainforest Café, and I mean that in all the worst ways.
                I like my BBQ and would go back to Baby Blue BBQ if friends wanted to go, but let’s not loose our minds people, DR. Hogly Wogly’s, Kansas City BBQ and Phillips Barbecue still runs rings around this place.

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                  I've only been once, but did not find Dr. Hogly Wogly's to be anything special or memorable. And if you want to ding on the decor, Dr's ain't any better, but maybe you're referring to the WH store, and not the venice. Have not yet been to the WH store.

                  I do agree when you say that it's popular b/c there's not much around here. LA is a very transient type of place, and so many people have definite ideas about their cue. But we don't have anything as good as other parts of the country, that's a given.

                  But I do disagree with your perception of the mac & cheese being "...boiled elbows swimming in orange cheese sauce." First of all, they use different types of macaroni, probably depending on what they've got. Last time we had it , a few weeks ago, it was medium sized shells. The sauce is soupy, but I like a rich and creamy mac & cheese, not a baked, dried out one, if I did I would just make it myself. But the sauce definitely has a multiple cheese flavor going on, that I'm still trying to figure out - cheddar, gouda, & smoked cheddar maybe? Can't put my finger on it, but feel like it's on the tip of my tongue.

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                    I am talking about the West Hollywood location, as per mentioned in the thread title.

                    I said "The Mac&Cheese was interesting and worth trying" and I said it was MORE of a bakes type THAN the soupy neon crud you usually get in Los Angeles. Too many places in LA think pouring canned cheese sauce on elbow mac sprinkling on bread crumbs and sticking it under the broiler is something special. So my final word about the mac&cheese. If you are stuck going to Baby Blues BBQ mac&cheese is a fine side...to your pulled pork, which is the only thing you should get.

                    Now on to your comments about décor - Are you out of your mind? Again in reference to the WH local, cuz that's what we are talking about, It feels like a restaurant you would go to at Disneyland - forced and contrived. Maybe the customer get so caught up in the atmosphere that they won't notice that the Q is weak. I’ve been in BBQ joints in Memphis, Texas, North Caroilina, Nashville and they look a lot more like Dr. Hogily Wogily then Baby Blues. Dr. Hogily Wogily might not have flashing lights, hottie waitresses* or a gift shop, but it's got some of the best BBQ in LA.

                    *Not ment as a disparaging comment on the waitstafff of Dr. Hogily Wogily's. But I think we know what I'm talking about. The Dr's staff are the most important people I know...you bring me my Beef Ribs!

                    1. re: Fryboy

                      Okay, no, I don't think I'm out of my mind, but I'm sure I can find some who disagree!! I wrote that I had not been in the WH store, so I cannot comment on the disneyfication of their decor. The venice store has a very limited sense of decor as in, not much to look at but some beat up signs and references to the south. In that sense, it is very similar to Dr's - as in no decor to speak off.

                      I too have been to bbq restaurants all over the country - east coast, west coast, and the south. And yes, most serious cue restaurants are going to focus on their food as art, not the decor of the place, so most of them are very simple and homey. I guess I happen to prefer the pulled pork at blues, than the beef ribs at Dr's. Again, everyone has a different take on their impression of what good barbecue is.