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Jun 11, 2009 11:14 AM

Baumalu copper pots

I was in Home Sense yesterday =Thursday and they had two Baumalu copper pots, 2mm copper and hand tinned. I bought the 9.5" Saute pan plus lid for $45. I went back today to get the other but it had gone. This was the one I bought...

This is just a heads up in case you want something similar and your local Home Sense may have one.

Maybe not Mauviel, but it seems reasonable and it works well. Weighs almost seven pounds empty though so may not be suitable for those with carpel tunnel syndrome. Needs cleaning with acetone before use.

And while we are at it, Sobey's superstore has a set of President Choice pans, 5 pans plus glass lids, for $139 - which seem remarkably good value. I bought a set as a present and I will tell you how they work out.

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  1. Do you or anyone know of someone who re-tins copper pots?

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    1. re: dubchild

      That's cropped up in a number of places. The places that do it seem to be in the US. I am yet to find one in the GTA. You can do it yourself - I did tinning in high school many years ago. It probably wouldn't be allowed now. Silicon gloves may make it a lot safer.

    2. The president choice pans are working out well. These are the straight side flat glass lids one. They perform well on gas.

      1. Have you used your Baumalu pan yet?
        I've seen them cropping up at the TJ Maxx down here in the southern states and just picked up the small 1 qt sauce pot and lid for $13.
        I've been hesitant to try copper due to all the maintenance I read about so thought this would be a good way to try one.
        How did your acetone cleaning go as well?
        Thanks so much!

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        1. re: grnidkjun

          It works well. My SO refuses to use it on the grounds it's too damn heavy for her to lift. It cleaned up well. It is my first true copper pan and after cleaning it initally with acetone and subsequently with with vinegar and salt I have decided that I am going to be one of those that allows the natural patina of copper to develop over time. You have to dry the handles as they are iron and show rust marks. Also the inside tinning shows 'water marks' when you wash and dry it. The lid didn't fit as well as it should, but a quick trip to my vice and a little gentle persuasion with a rubber mallet solved that. I see no real benefit to the copper lid and have taken to using a glass lid.

          If I saw your $13 deal here I would snap it up.

          1. re: Paulustrious

            Thank you so much for the reply! I'm going back tomorrow.. found out they get their deliveries on Tues/Thurs. ;o) I'm glad to know they are decent pots. It is the 2mm thick one as well.

            The one I got is probably the smallest of the bunch, the size wasn't marked but I think it's 1qt, and luckily it was in decent shape.
            There is a small misfit of a bent spot on the lid.. but like you.. I may never use it or use it much.

            Do you mind answering one more question for me? Someone on another board mentioned using Fingernail Polish Remover (it's acetone) to take off the lacquer.
            I'm wondering, would this work acceptably? It is acetone.. but I'm not sure if fingernail polish remover also contains other things in addition that would damage the copper.
            If not, I've got plenty of it.. otherwise, it's a trip to the hardware store as well.

            I'm on board with you.. once the lacquer comes off, I doubt I'll be doing any high polishing either. I love the look of a copper roof as it "does it's own thing" as well.

            Have a wonderful evening!

            1. re: grnidkjun

              Fingernail polish remover is fine. It won't damage the tin or copper. Just wash with soapy water afterwards.

              You should try bringing back the copper color (after cooking) with lemon and salt. Just add table salt to a half a lemon. You'll get the copper color, without the polish which is added by the commercial pastes.

              1. re: jayt90

                Thank you! I appreciate that. :)

              2. re: grnidkjun

                Buy some acetone. Two reasons.

                1) Nail polish remover, apart from having various moisturisers and other chemicals has a diluted solution of acetone

                2) The quantity you will need exceeds a large Cutex bottle.

                You can use the remainder for removing sticky labels over the next twenty years.

                1. re: Paulustrious

                  lol .. ok.. thank you for that.. I'll look into a small bottle of plain acetone. I've not touched the pot yet.

          2. I picked up one of the 9.5 inch Baumalu hammered 2mm sauteuse pans at TJMaxx for $45 US, but they also had a handful of Baumalu pans that appeared to be less than 1mm thick. A number of those had rolled edges that made it impossible to see a clear cross-section, but the walls felt less than half as thick as the pan I got, despite their overall weight being substantial.

            I haven't read any reference anywhere to this thinner line of pans. Too bad, I was very excited about putting a whole set together, but just as well I suppose. This sauteuse will be my intro to copper pans, but if it goes as well as I hope, I'll just save up for a set of the 2.5mm stainless-lined Falk pans. I like their lower maintenance and extra thickness.

            Although if I could find a set of these Baumalu pans at this kind of discount, I might start looking for a local re-tinning shop...

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            1. re: ramatsu

              A coincidence - today I bought an 8.5 inch (approx) non hammered Baumalu for $48 CAN. At that price it is not worth getting them re-tinned. It would cost that much to do it. I too would prefer a stainless liner so I could dive in with my steel wool.

              I came across a reference to the thinner ones. I'll have to look it up...

              Here's one of them...