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anyone in LA selling tree-ripe peaches?

My favorite fruit is being treated like sh**. Trader Joe's produce is a joke and the farmer's markets I go to bring unripened peaches.

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  1. I've never had a problem at farmers' markets. Try Santa Monica (Wednesday), South Pasadena, (Thursday), Pasadena (Saturday), Hollywood (Sunday). Delicious, juicy and fully ripened fruit at all four.

    1. Long Beach farmers' market (Sunday).

      1. I agree that there's nothing like fruit picked fully ripe. I wouldn't expect to find ripe peaches yet, at least local ones. August, maybe. I'm assuming 1NYG wants the flavor explosion in the mouth and juice running down the chin style of ripe.

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          There are plenty of ripe local peaches at the farmers' market these days. I bought some last week in Pasadena. The growers have several varieties that ripen throughout the summer. Regier farms had some really sweet peaches last week (especially the white ones), and another vendor whose name escapes me (they also had excellent plums, plus nectarines and apricots). They don't have a big banner, but they're along the same row as Harry's Berries, but a bit farther south.

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            My local Albertsons used to sell "vine-rippened" peaches until I pointed it out.... At first I got a look of confusion (I had to explain that peaches grow on trees). Now they've changed the sign to tree-ripened peaches, but I still wouldn't recommend them.... it was just funny

          2. True tree ripen peaches are culled out at the packing sheds. If the peaches you get are packed in a lug, they have rippen after being picked and packed. If you really want to get tree ripen peaches, you will have to go to a farm or packing shed. The closest ones I imagine are in the San Joaquin Valley, Don't go now, wait until Mid July at the height of the season.

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              This simply isn't true.

              I have been eating tree-ripened peaches from local farmers' markets since I moved here. I have been to the peach orchards as guests of the owners (and there are tons of peaches in the southern Antelope Valley, near Littlerock, Llano, Pearblossom, Valyermo, etc.), and I have seen when they pick peaches.

              The problem right now is that the peaches are not quite at their peak. Wait two or three weeks and you will get much better peaches that ripened on the trees. You can, of course, try and find U-Pick peach orchards, though I don't know of any around here.

              Once they begin, truly tree-ripened peaches will be available until mid-September at least.

            2. The height of peach season is mid-July to August. I would try your local FM again then and see if the quality of peaches is better. IMO, it's too early to buy peaches.

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                In fact, there are plenty of peach varieties that ripen a lot earlier than mid-July nowadays. "June Lady" peaches arrive in June, for example. As I said, there are plenty already, and they are ripe.

              2. You know, if the end results justifies the price....You might want to order from Harry and Davids. Every piece of fruit is hand picked, tree ripened, and delicious. (FYI- my Grandpa used to pick pears for them, sort of an after-retirement way to fill his day, so I can vouch for the love they put into it :)

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                  They do have the best pears, though they are not tree-ripened (because pears ripened on the tree are mealy). Didn't know they sold peaches, though.

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                    i have never gotten one piece of ripe fruit in a harry and davids pack.
                    every single piece of fruit LOOKED beautiful, but was hard as a rock and dry.
                    my ex-employer used to order harry and david's baskets as gifts for the employees. we used to walk around to each other's desks to trade items. the fruit was never good.

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                      I can say on the pears they arrive hard but give them a few days and they're amazing. Not sure how it works with peaches though, since they don't ripen.

                  2. Reiger's at the Santa Monica FM has been selling unbelievable tree ripened peaches. On the south side of the Arizona block, west of 2nd st.

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                      Which day is that? I've been going to the sunday one on main and the tuesday one in culver city. Both are selling hard as a rock peaches, neither ripened well.

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                        Oh, I go on Wednesdays. The first week (2 weeks ago) they were phenomenal. The second time ( a week later) I think it was the same harvest, b/c the ones I got were tasty, juicy, but very bruised and didn't last the full week to ten days that the first batch did.

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                          You really, really need to upgrade your market. SM on Wed and Sat mornings, Hollywood on Sun mornings. The SM Sun AM market is a social scene, not a serious FM.

                      2. can anyone recommend an organic (or at least spray-free) upick farm within a 90 min or so drive?

                        1. I agree with Das U's rec on the Hollywood Farmer's market. Lots of samples there, too. Can't wait till we get a tip on your last question re: u pick it farm, I've never been to one of those!

                          Kind of off-topic but I heard this piece on NPR today about stone fruit you might enjoy: