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tex mex-ish themed side?

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i want to do a spicy/lime grilled chicken for a neighborhood potluck and am bringing fruit and chips/salsa/guac. i need another side. NOT a dip. i was looking for something that would fit with that and margaritas? ideas anyone? i often do the sesame asian noodles as they are easy and great but they don't go at all! thanks!

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  1. Rick Bayless immediately comes to mind. Here's a link to his Vegetable Salad with Lime Dressing:

    If that does not work for you there a many other recipes of all kinds at that site.

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    1. You could do mexican corn or esquitas in a casserole form. kerneled corn with some mayo, crema (or sour cream if there is no crema to be found), chile sauce, lime juice and queso cotija or queso fresco. Bake it in the oven just enough to melt the cheese and heat it through.

      1. How about calabacitas? Easy to make and should fit in pretty well with the other food.

        1. you could do a nopalitos salad with tomatoes, jalapenos, lime juice, olive oil and mexican oregano - i've even used the jarred nopalitos in a pinch (although fresh is the better choice by far)

          1. the current issue of saveur is dedicated to texas and border cooking. lots of ideas. the tamale/custard tart looks especially good.

            1. I have to take one moment to state that "tex-mex" is quite different from "mexican" and within "mexican", as anywhere, there are extreme regional differences in ingredients and technique. Whew, got that out.

              So, if you're looking for Tex-Mex, traditional sides are boring orange rice w/a spattering of green peas, black beans or refried pintos, usually garnished with queso blanco, bean soup,


              pico de gallo, which is probably what I'd do - easy enough to make with no spoiling, it's fresh, bright and low-cal (for those who care) and it tastes good as either a side or a condiment. If you do this, you may opt to make half w/cilantro and half without, or just have some chopped on the side so each person can add their own.

              Another widely prepared, South of the Border option is fried plantains/tostones - These can be made either savory or sweet and are absolutely delicious when served hot to luke warm. Would not recommend chilled by any stretch.

              Rick Bayless does Oaxacan (Mexican) which is great and proably healthier than Tex-Mex, but if you're going with Oaxacan - they're also know for the production of Mezcal, so be certain to pick up a bottle to take with! :)

              1. From this board, Robert Lauriston's Cilantro Rice would be perfect, in my opinion...such a pretty dish, too!

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                  thanks! that or the veggie salad sound nice. the side is for a bigger group - it's confusing we're bringing our own mains and sharing sides. so i need something easy to make in bulk and have sit around. and the rest of the group won't really care if it's mexican/tex-mex. and i don't not care about the difference here but nobody else in this group will care at all as long as it's yummy! :)

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                    You know, Gio's salad rec might work better...we've had so many threads about "Cilantro, love it or hate it?" In that veggie salad, parsley can be subbed for the cilantro...not the case with this rice...it really has to be cilantro! Whatever...you do have so many great ideas here that everyone thought of.

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                      but being that i'm a poster on that who loves it.... THAT i may not care about. LOL anyway i have made the couscous edamame corn salad for this group with a cilantro pesto in the past so i actually think the cilantro would fly. and my kids may eat the rice so that's cool. i think i'm going to do both. thanks!

                2. I'd do black bean and corn salad with red onion, jalapenos, maybe cilantro, salt & pepper. Lime juice is the only dressing you need.

                  1. I would do a tomato, corn (fresh, cooked lightly, off the cob) and avocado salad. Basically combine ingredients and mix with lime juice, salt & pepper. Delicious!