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Jun 11, 2009 10:22 AM

Want to send my Austin Friends to Dinner

Hello Austin!
Want to purchase a 100-125 dollar gift certificate for my newly married friends for their wedding gift. Don't know Austin well at all, and would really appreciate some good recs.
Wanted that amount to cover their whole meal.
Thank YOU from New York!

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  1. These may be useful.....there are quite a few good recommendations.


    I think (amykragan)'s suggestion of Steiner Steakhouse is somewhere I would have enjoyed had I known about it on my trip earlier this year. Be sure to check out the photo galleries.

    1. If you want something downtown:
      Lamberts- fancy bbq. Hip, good vibe, solid food, not extremeley expensive but pricey for bbq.
      Uchi- sushi place that the public loves. Personally I think Musashino is far superior but this place is always crowded.

      Hudsons on the Bend is a special place, very Texas. Personally I'd send them there, its about 20 minutes from downtown. They could go to Oasis or Iguana Grill on the lake before for a drink.

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        i think it'd be hard for $100-125 to cover a whole meal at Hudson's

        1. re: TroyTempest

          Your right, I don't think you can cover a full-meal there and really enjoy it (wine, etc) for much less than $100 pp. It is a really special place, not something you can find anywhere, so to me it's worth it.

          1. re: lloyddaniels

            The OP was asking about a gift cert. I don't thinkthat anyone would be opposed to receiving a cert that doesn't completely cover the meal. They could have a blowout $180 meal and be perfectly happpy paying the difference. Regardelss, you could get an app, meals, and a dessert with a dring and a glass of wine for that amount. Right?

      2. Eddi V's sells giftcards online, and you can also use them at Roaring Fork, and Wildfish Grill. Not sure if there is a Wildfish Grill in Austin though. Either way, its nice to have a choice with the giftcards, and you can get a pretty nice dinner at either place for $100 to 125.

        I think its hard to get giftcards online to local Austin-only places. Most of them don't have the infrastructure. You could also try They might do something like that, or call a specific restaurant and purchase one over the phone.

        1. What about giving them one to Alamo Drafthouse? I got one for xmas one year and really loved it.

          1. I suggest Aquarelle, a suburb French restaurant in downtown Austin. One of their prix fixe menus is $45, including wine pairings for each course. Check out