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Jun 11, 2009 10:11 AM

Has anyone tried dimsum buffet at Fuloon

I missed the chowdown, but I really want to try Fuloon.
I'm thinking about going there for lunch this weekend, and I according to the website they have a dimsum buffet on Saturday and Sunday.
Is it worth trying?

TIA! :)

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  1. You can do pretty well if you choose carefully, but as a good sampling of what they're best at, nah. Nice to have in the neighborhod but not a destination, I'd say. HOWEVER, I haven't been in a couple months and then it was on a pretty sharp upward curve from a year or so before, with lots more (mostly Asian) customers. Weekend lunches are actually a good time to try out the regular menu--the chef's in the kitchen. I do that and eat leftovers for lunch the next week.

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      Totally agree! 02139, I suggest you set up another chowdown at Fuloon for a weekend lunch or an early evening meal. I'm sure there are enough hounds & lurkers out there who'd be eager to attend, and, this way, you'd get to try a lot more dishes.

    2. I had some of their dim sum a few months back, and I remember it being good, but not amazing (plus I snitched it off my kids' plate, so it was cold at that point). Sorry I don't have any more specific recollections, I was pretty dazzled by the other items we ordered.