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Jun 11, 2009 09:54 AM

Sour Cherries

Has anyone seen sour cherries around town? Did I miss their very short season already? I've seen Rainer and Bing cherries at Central Market and HEB, but no sour! Perhaps a farmer's market would be a better bet?

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  1. not to make you jealous but I have a sour cherry tree in my yard and they are just ripe now. So I would say the season is from mid June to early July. I've spent the past two weekends picking cherries.

    1. I don't know nothin' bout sour cherries, but I got some fablous black cherries at Central Market yesterday for $3.99/lb. They were big, juicy, sweet, and intensely cherry-y. They also went south overnight, so it was lucky we had eaten most of them. Refrigeration is apparently important.