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Jun 11, 2009 09:50 AM

If it has to be a chain, it has to be...

What's the chain restaurant you go to when no other options work, and why that one?

For me, it's the 99. The food is only so so, but there's something on the menu for each of the hounds in the family--the wife, me, the 12 y.o. lad, and the 5 y.o. lass. And I do enjoy the "Wild Bleu" chix salad. And there are enough tvs that I can always see the Sox game during baseball season, which isn't always true at Friday's or Tucci's or the other options.

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  1. Cheesecake Factory if I have to pick a chain....simply because of its variety...

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      I have to agree. Cheesecake Factory hands down.

        1. re: pikawicca

          I have only had takeout dessert from cheesecake factory. Mrs. doc has a friend that likes to go there. Has never been any good. I do not understand their success.
          Popeyes Chicken and biscuits is always tasty, although lots of salt.

    2. Bertucci's...not great at anything but location is convenient and know what to expect for the most part...aside from the time I made the mistake of ordering the tilapia and it came out half frozen still.

      1. For me, probably Outback.

        1. outbacks not bad. bonefish grill is another.

          1. Outback probably. However when traveling or on the road, there may be 2 or 3 choices. Mickey D's, Taco Bell or Wendys or maybe subway or a 7-11. I'm really not particular and can eat anywhere. I may not enjoy it as much, but I don't mind or complain.

            However in town, Olive garden for their salad and pasta fijole. Buffalo Wild Wings for their terriyaki wings, just cuz I hate to make them at home. Taco Bell, I honestly do like their taco salad. Subway, the veggie sub with all the veggies. Grilled with cheese. Much easier than me cutting every single veggie up. Bonefish but too expensive for me for what you get, but descent food. Shells seafood, nothing fancy but ok food, some good pastas, chowders, etc. Easy relaxed seafood and not bad for a quick night out.