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Jun 11, 2009 09:49 AM

Please Help! Sunday brunch buffet in LA for mother's birthday!

Hi everyone! Trying desperately to find a sunday brunch buffet for 11 people for my mother's birthday! She wanted the RC in Marina, but they switched to a 3 course not buffet style, so I dont know what to do. HELP!!!

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    1. Depending on your budget (RC is expensive), I would say the Four Seasons has the best buffet brunch in town. Also try the Gospel Brunch at the House of Blues.

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        The House Of Blues brunch is really good, but REALLY LOUD. If you want to stay by the water, Dukes in Malibu does a nice buffet brunch. I've taken mom there and she loved it. Be sure to get a booth by the window, it's a beautiful view.