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Jun 11, 2009 09:06 AM

Pig Roast Catering L.A. area


I am trying to surprise my better half with a 40th b-day bbq.
I know up North you can find services that come to your house; provide and roast a whole pig for you.
Is there any kind of a vendor that offers the same services here in the L.A. area or is willing to travel to L.A. ??
Any info would be highly appreciated. Thank You!

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  1. Call Paolo @ Osteria Latini (Brentwood) as he caters and he sometimes serves whole roasted pig at his excellent restaurant.

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    1. re: stevedi

      I will give that a shot.. I am finding out that the Chinese - Sam Woo places are way too $$$$

    2. This Guy did a roast pig and other food for my Husband's 40th last year. He is not super expensive and did a good job. They chicken and other sides were also good.
      14731 Keswick St.
      Van Nuys CA 91405 818-909-4949 FAX 909-7648
      They also sent servers and a big BBQ on witch they finished the pig cooking and cooked the chicken . See Photo Attached

      1. I had a similar whim last month and was really pleased with the experience. But I hesitate to provide advice if you think the Sam Woo and Chinatown environs are too expensive. Short of delving into the deepest recesses of the SGV I don't think there are any places that are going to do a better price - particularly not an Osteria in Brentwood.

        And do you want whole roast hog or suckling pig? A good size suckling will feed 20-25 with leftovers. A whole hog can be suitable for around 75-100. Anyway, after doing a sample of all the roast swine in Chinatown I decided to pay a tiny bit more than places like CBS (the cheapest I recall) and got a pig from Lien Hoa (I think Cambodian Chinese but not at all sure) on Broadway. Beautifully dressed and easy to carve, crispy skin, tasty tasty - the price tag was $165. However, they told me I would get a 17-20 lbs. piggy and the one they gave me seemed much more like 25lbs.

        Only drawback was that I asked for a 6:45pm pickup and it had clearly been out of the oven for an hour or two. But held it's warmth and juiciness regardless - it's a big critter. Also, I just opened all the car windows and threw it in the back with newspaper under it. But maybe a delivery could be arranged.

        Very curious to hear how this turns out for you. Good luck!

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        1. re: mrgreenbeenz

          Wow-thanks for the tip, when I say the Chinatown vendors are pricey I mean I was getting quotes for like a 12lb for $185.

          I did call Outback Catering in Van Nuys and I got a quote for a 30lb plus delivery and prep for $175.. much better deal and since Purple Teeth left a positive review I might consider it. I really wanted someone to come and finish the grilling in our yard but that adds another $400, which is ridiculous.

          When I called Osteria in Brentwood - all I got was attitude and a quesstimate for $200 for a 12lb... not so much.

          I need a smaller pig for like 20 people max so sounds like the suckling pig would suffice.

          I might check out Lien Hoa as you suggested.

          Thank You!

          1. re: CZ 101

            Check CBS Seafood. When I'm there for dim sum on the weekends I see about 2 or 3 ready to be picked up.

            CBS Seafood
            700 N Spring St, Los Angeles, CA 90012

        2. Sam Woo BBQ Monterey Park

          Sam Woo Barbeque Shop
          634 W Garvey Ave, Monterey Park, CA 91754

          1. BBQ Unlimited both in the valley and in Los Angeles on Melrose and they sell varioous sizes. I also believe there is a place in Los Angeles called Eva's Le Chon or Lechon that also sells all the sides to go with the pig.