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Charleston SC Group Dinner

I am throwing a bacherlorette party for a group of poor early-twentysomethings. We are all interested in food and want somewhere that is fun and casual and definitely won't break the bank. I was looking at SNOB, which seems like a good fit. Any other suggestions? I looked 39 Rue de Jean, which I think might be too pricey for some members of the group?

Any suggestions for rooftop cocktail bars?


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  1. Raval, Chai's, Pearlz all have nice small plates and good atmosphere. The happy hours at Chai's and Pearlz are really good. Are you thinking sit down dinner or tapas?

    I recently tried the new bar menu at Cypress. That was good and well priced. Not many large tables in the bar area though.

    Social might be a good option too. It is pretty trendy and full of young, beautiful people. I have not eaten there myself, so I cannot comment on the quality of the food.

    1. I moved from Charleston a couple years ago, but when I lived there I was a poor early-twentysomething too. The rooftop bars and Vendue Inn and Market Pavillion (both on East Bay, more or less across from each other) are fun, although I wouldn't recommend their food. Vendue is a bit more casual and college-y, Market Pavillion is more upscale.
      Does anyone on this board know if Meritage is still open? It was always a great choice for well-priced tapas and a fun atmosphere. I don't know if they take reservations, but they definitely have room for a group.
      I second Cypress - great food and a pretty place. Pearlz is fun, but it's a pretty small restaurant and I don't know if your group would be able to sit together. Blossom has good-priced options, too. Chai is also good, and has a patio area that could be fun if it's not too hot.
      I hope this helps!

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      1. I've done several bachelorettes at SNOB and it worked perfectly for us.

        I like the atmosphere at The Vendue in much better than Market Pavillion. The Vendue seems to appeal to a younger crowd. MP is beautiful and the appetizers there are very good to excellent.

        1. hey! Thanks for the suggestions...I think I was at Cypress a few years ago, so I guess I'll look into that menu.

          1. You might find this recent Washington Post article helpful. http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/...

            1. I have eaten three times at Rue de Jean and was disappointed...I wouldn't recommend it at all. The quality is bad for the money. I had a hamburger with limp fries on a bad roll that wasn't seasoned and not juicy, Also a turkey sandwich with fries that were somewhat better but still tasted stale...the turkey was a measly three thin slices that tasted like crap and the "brioche" was cheap white sandwich bread. And I had a few sushi rolls that were worse quality than sushi I have had a ten dollar buffets. This place is all style and no quality.

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                All due respect observor, I just had escargot and mussels and they were outstanding. I wouldnt order a turkey sandwich or a burger at a french bistro. Didnt have any entrees though but I heard and saw they looked good. But to each is own- I guess

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                  The burger at rue de jean has been *reputed* to be the best in Charleston so that would fly in the face of your "French" position....anyway, at a *good* restaurant you should be able to have anything and have it be good. If they can't make a decent turkey sandwich, then why sell it? The sushi too of horrible quality. However, I admt that French oriented dishes would be more likely to be good, so I am going to try there another time...

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                    I am disappointed to hear that you had a bad burger as Rue is my favorite place in town to get a juicy medium rare burger with lardon and caramelized onions. I am actually more frequently disappointed in some of their french dishes, aside from the Moules which are always fantastic.

                    Getting back to the original post, I would definitely recommend Rue for a large get together as I have done many large girls group birthdays here. It is a terrific atmosphere and very close to the trendy Upper King Street bars such as Chai's and Raval, also fun for a bachelorette party. Less touristy and more interesting than the market offerings. Monza, next to Raval, has upscale pizza and salads and would probably accomodate a large group as long as you call ahead. They are also very affordable.

                    Social has a fantastic happy hour as well, including cheap eats! This is a larger space too, so your group would have plenty of room.

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                      The environment at Rue is artifical and contrived. I also don't like their paper tablecloths...like they don't want to pay to clean linen and don't want to have to wipe the tables so they put on some paper and act like it is haute.

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                        I think they are trying be more like a bistro which is not upscale or haute. That has always been my impression.

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                        So I just read in the Post and Courier today that Raval is closing, too bad!