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Jun 11, 2009 08:31 AM

Ideas on fun italian birthday spot, like Inoteca or Otto

Regardless of reviews, both Inoteca and Otto are fun places to go (in my opinion) and they dont break the bank. Im looking for another restaurant in this vein.

Any ideas? Location not a problem.

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  1. L'Artusi is fun and relatively inexpensive. You could also look in to Malatesta Trattoria (tho not as fun as the ones you mentioned).

    1. couple east village favs... Max, Frank, Luzzo's... Can't go wrong w/any of those, especially Max. Prices are unbeatable


          1. re: notsochubbychubette

            not a fan of bar stuzz at all. mushy overcooked pasta. personal experience but maybe it was an off night.

            1. re: RCC

              I did my last birthday dinner at Aroma, - you can get a small room if you have a large party. Very, very good food and impressive wine list.