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Jun 11, 2009 08:25 AM

Can I freeze a stuffed flank steak?

I am making a recipe for a flank steak stuffed with roasted red peppers, spinach and provolone from cooks illustrated that you bake in a high heat oven. Do you think I could make an extra one and freeze uncooked? Then thaw and cook on a night I am feeling lazy....

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  1. Yep. Provolone freezes fine and you already know about the other ingredients.

    1. Yes, provided the flank steak was not previously frozen. And if I recall the recipe in question, the steak is sliced, then grilled. If so, I would portion for grilling before freezing.

      1. Uncooked? No. Frozen peppers and spinach will turn to watery garbage when they are thawed down. Cook it, cool to room temp; then wrap and freeze.

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          the peppers are roasted, not raw, so I think they'd be ok frozen. To the OP, is the spinach cooked?

          1. re: DGresh

            The peppers are roasted and made into a pesto like filling. The recipe calls for the spinach to baby spinach - uncooked. Maybe I am reaching here with trying to make a second one for busy nights?

            1. re: JennyHunter

              I don't think you're "reaching"; but I do think the are more suitable fillings if you're going to freeze. Raw spinach or cabbage or anything like that will turn to must. Chopped cooked spinach from a box will re-freeze just fine.

              Your schmear of pesto and a layer of spinach just doesn't sound l;ike much of a "stuffing".

              IMHO the pesto as a "schmear" to start the filling is just fine. I'd top that with blanched green beans and whole green onions and carrot strips, and strips of sliced broccoli stems. Or maybe sliced and disassembled leeks with thick asparagus stems quartered and strips of green bell pepper. Make a substantial stuffing!