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Jun 11, 2009 08:08 AM

One Asian (any variety) restaurant next weekend

Next weekend my family is coming to town and we already have one meal planned thanks to you guys (Tony's Clam Shack). We are also planning to go to Regina's in the NE but my Dad's all time favorite cuisine is ANY kind of Asian food. He is coming from Vegas so he has a *few* good options which are mostly Japanese but nothing like we have here. I live in Allston and my sister will be attending orientation at BU so anything in this area or in Boston (Chinatown) is where we would like to stay. The only catch here is that my younger sisters are very picky eaters and will probably want teriyaki or sesame chicken.

So in short - what is the ONE Asian restaurant you would choose for a group of 7 with very picky to very adventurous eaters?

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  1. If you are already in Allston, I would definitely go to Dok Bua Thai Restaurant. The most authentic Thai food in Boston, but the menu has many standard offerings for the less adventurous (Satay, crab rangoons, etc).

    You can browse the menu here:

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        I second this- Dok Bua is my favorite, by far- Thai place in the city. Fugakyu is pretty close to you as well for good Sushi ...

      2. Your dad has the famed Lotus of Siam in LV( Altho' they may not have sesame chicken on the menu, you might want to try Jo Jo Taipei in Allston:

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          I agree that Jo Jo Taipei would be another outstanding choice. Plenty of pedestrian choices for those that prefer.......If you go there, don't miss the scallion pancake, it's the best I've ever had!

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            I second the rec for JJ Taipei-- your dad can snack on pig ears, while others stick with more familiar things (three cups chicken is quite similar to teriyaki chicken). :) And you can hit up Yi Soon across the street for sweets afterwards.

            I recently also had a good experience on my first visit to Korean Garden-- bulgogi and stone pot bibimbap are relatively non-challenging dishes (in fact, the egg on the bibimbap was even fried overeasy to the point of being solid, rather than being runny or raw-- we were disappointed in this, but it could be an advantage for less adventuresome eaters). Pajeon is similar to chinese scallion pancake, and they might even have Korean-style fried chicken.

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              Third Jo Jo Taipei. There are plenty of adventurous items (pig blood sauteed with leek, anyone?), but they also do decent renditions of standard Chinese-American stuff: what's listed on the menu as "Country spicy taste chicken chunks" is actually a really tasty version of the ubiquitous General Tso's Chicken.

          2. Great suggestions, will offer both of these. Do you have any other recs in Chinatown in case they want to get the experience?

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              Any of the good Cantonese places in Chinatown will have things for the picky eaters (American-Chinese standards) as well as some good stuff for the adventurous. Jumbo Seafood is a place I've gone to with a mixed crowd like that and had great results, but Peach Farm or others you'll see mentioned here will do for sure too.

              1. re: Zatan

                call Peach Farm before you decide where to go, if they have *live* or *fresh* (not frozen) softshell crabs that day, you must go there and order them (spicy salt style)...get some surf clam w/ vermicelli on the shell, and some crispy live baby shrimp while you're there...then walk around the corner to Best Little Restaurant for their Empress Chicken...and to Hong Kong Eatery for some crispy pig (specifiy center cut)...

            2. Had been going to Allston strictly for JJ Taipei but will definately check out Dok Bua Thai the next time. Thanks for the suggestion.

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                on the Allston side I'd add Shanghai Gate for lovely inexpensive shanghainese- in Chinatown, Peach Farm or Ocean Wealth - Vietnamese is also widely available here (I go to Lemon Grass in Brookline which is fine but not nearly as good as the hole in the wall vietnamese places in Dorchester, check board for recommendations on these) - for an interesting and upscale Japanese experience, encompassing much more than sushi but still having "non-adventurous" things to eat, Shiki in Brookline is excellent and elegant.

              2. Would one of Allston's shabu places be fun for the whole family, either Shabu Zen or Shabu Shabu Toki? Maybe dad and daughters can both find something to munch on and be happy.

                Shabu Zen
                80 Brighton Ave, Allston, MA

                Shabu Shabu Toki
                121 Brighton Ave, Allston, MA

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                1. re: digga

                  That might be fun, but personally, I don't think either of Allston's shabu places are all that great. Of the two, Shabu Shabu Toki is probably the better bet, but there are better shabu places elsewhere (I think the Chinatown Shabu Zen is way better than the Allston location) and better Asian restaurants in Allston.

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                    I had the picky eaters in mind - they might be turned off by Chinatown, but maybe this is golden opportunity to turn them onto good food.

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                      I have to disagree. Toki is very good. They have authentic shabu shabu, good sushi and it is the only place you can get a real selection of kushiyaki (yakitori).