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Jun 11, 2009 07:34 AM

Zake's Cakes, Fort Washington/Flourtown

Zake's Cakes on Bethlehem Pike (close to the Fort Washington/Flourtown border) started as a bakery and expanded to a restaurant several years ago. My first dining experience was about 6 months ago. Lunch was excellent and dessert was superb. I took desserts (pecan pie and neopolitan) home and found them to be superb. I've lunched there a second time and was thoroughly pleased. There's nothing "pedestrian" (commonplace) about Zake's. Their menu items are a step or two above standard fare and the prices aren't high. One need to climb steep steps to get into Zake's. Those steps were a bit of a concern for my more senior dining companion.

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  1. I love Zake's Cakes too! It is the one of the few restaurants I truly miss in my move from that area to the Lehigh Valley. Their potato salad and balsamic salad dressing are addictive. Wish I could have some of that right now!

    1. I think of Zakes as a ladies of leisure lunch spot. I think the food's decent but so loud at lunch I don't think I'll be back.

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        Loud at dinner too. Food is okay.

      2. I really like their breakfast. Their mango pancakes are the best I have had. heir continental is also really good with a great fruit salad and big fresh muffin.

        But I TOTALLY agree with the ladies of lesiure comment!

        1. While your post (and most of your other posts that I've read) sounds very much like PR (perhaps it's just your writing style though), I have to agree that Zakes's is terrific. Usually the gender balance is way in the favor of females over males ("ladies who lunch"), I think that's more because of the excellent soup/salad/sandwich options which may appeal to light eaters more than heavy eaters (regardless of gender).

          I'm especially grateful for their children's plate ($5, on request) which includes, fruit, cheese, turkey slices and makes for a very healthy kids' lunch out.

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            My husband thought Zake's was a 'chick' place for the first 5 years we lived in the area. I convinced him to go when they started serving dinner, and now it's one of his favorites. He swears the pork loin is the best he has ever tasted. My favorites are the dim sum dinner and the ginger and scallion fish dinner, and for lunch, I've never had a bad meal. For lunch, it's all really really good - the sandwich bread tastes homemade, the salads are interesting, the potato salad is divine, the green salad dressing is the kind you mouth is watering as I type!!!!! Dinner prices are reasonable, and it's a BYO. Occasionally, we've been offered a complimentary glass of wine. It's really a lovely neighborhood spot (although we know people who come from Devon and Warminster for the food, too!). Oh! And the breakfast muffins...fabulous!!!!!!!

          2. The food is very good, but the service is terrible. We went for dinner on Friday night and waited 25 minutes for our soup, then another 25 minutes after our dinner was complete for them to clear our plates, refill our water, etc. Meanwhile, three tables that arrived after us turned over.

            Three waiters - 13 tables - there shouldn't have been a problem. As a former waiter myself, I know that everyone has off days, but we won't be back soon.

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              I totally agree. The food is excellent, though the portions can be lean. But the service is an embarrassment!!! Rude, sloppy dress on waitstaff, improper etiquette and long waits for creamer, lemon, napkins, etc.

              1. re: sweetpea78

                Wow. The service was superb (albeit sloppily dressed). The food was large but mediocre.

                1. re: gaffk

                  been there 3 times in the last two months (different parties)--every time was near misery. sad--i love the venue and menu.