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CAFÉ SOUFFLÉ: Awesome new (/ inexpensive) cafe on Marianne and St. Urbain

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Hey all,

For anyone who hasn't been there yet, there is an awesome (and very inexpensive) cafe that just opened up on Marieanne and St. Urbain (south-west corner).

Here's a quick list of the great things I've tried:

Queen Elizabeth (small cakes / muffins): These things are to die for, they are filled with homemade toffee (or maybe caramel), have crunchy coconut on top and are sweetened with dates. They also make new / interesting muffins each day...some of my favorites are the poppyseed pear and the strawberry white chocolate.

Rutabaga / Beet / Israeli Couscous salad : You can order each salad separate or mix them up but they give you a giant portion for only 5 dollars...I never knew Rutabaga could taste so good.

Bread of the day (Zucchini, Banana Cumin, or Carrot): The banana bread is awesome, the cumin gives it a really unique flavor that you won't find elsewhere.

Other than that, they have an assortment of Panini that look quite good. I've only tasted the vege-pate one but it was delectable.

You can tell I go to this place a lot (hey, I only live a few blocks away!). But seriously, it's like the Navarino's of the plateau, only better!

Check it out if your passing by, and for those of you in Parc Jean-Mance or Mont-Royal this weekend, they make homemade ice-cream as well.

P.S. The coffee rocks too (1.50 and they'll give free refills if you're nice).

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    1. Did you notice if they have wi-fi?

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        1. No connections but you'll have to take my word on that and yes FREE WiFi.

          1. By coincidence, reviewed in today's Voir - short writeup under heading "Comptoir". Reviewer pretty much agreed with poster.

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              Yes, I also tought it was funny when I say it in the Voir (http://www.voir.ca/publishing/article...
              )Altough no mention of what the coffee is worth.