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CAFÉ SOUFFLÉ: Awesome new (/ inexpensive) cafe on Marianne and St. Urbain

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Hey all,

For anyone who hasn't been there yet, there is an awesome (and very inexpensive) cafe that just opened up on Marieanne and St. Urbain (south-west corner).

Here's a quick list of the great things I've tried:

Queen Elizabeth (small cakes / muffins): These things are to die for, they are filled with homemade toffee (or maybe caramel), have crunchy coconut on top and are sweetened with dates. They also make new / interesting muffins each day...some of my favorites are the poppyseed pear and the strawberry white chocolate.

Rutabaga / Beet / Israeli Couscous salad : You can order each salad separate or mix them up but they give you a giant portion for only 5 dollars...I never knew Rutabaga could taste so good.

Bread of the day (Zucchini, Banana Cumin, or Carrot): The banana bread is awesome, the cumin gives it a really unique flavor that you won't find elsewhere.

Other than that, they have an assortment of Panini that look quite good. I've only tasted the vege-pate one but it was delectable.

You can tell I go to this place a lot (hey, I only live a few blocks away!). But seriously, it's like the Navarino's of the plateau, only better!

Check it out if your passing by, and for those of you in Parc Jean-Mance or Mont-Royal this weekend, they make homemade ice-cream as well.

P.S. The coffee rocks too (1.50 and they'll give free refills if you're nice).

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  1. Did you notice if they have wi-fi?

    1. No connections but you'll have to take my word on that and yes FREE WiFi.

      1. By coincidence, reviewed in today's Voir - short writeup under heading "Comptoir". Reviewer pretty much agreed with poster.

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          Yes, I also tought it was funny when I say it in the Voir (http://www.voir.ca/publishing/article...
          )Altough no mention of what the coffee is worth.

        2. OK, so this place is not so new anymore but I thought I would add my comments now that I've had a chance to try a few things. I have mentioned some of this before on other threads but I do really want to encourage people to give it a try. I'm happy to see this little place has survived this long!
          The butter tarts are amazing! Quite large for $3.50 and they come in raisin, pecan, or now walnut. The pecan and the raisin were very nice, if a little difficult to eat delicately because of sticking to the paper liner. But for me, snarfing them alone at home, I could gnaw away at the paper without shame (until now). Now I just have to try the walnut one. I also liked the lemon-pistachio tart; a lovely shallow crust like the butter tart, filled with a nicely balanced lemony curd. The brownies are fudgy goodness, nothing fancy. Hubby and I have also enjoyed a chocolate coconut caramel square and the Queen Elizabeth cake.
          I'm not super-fussy about my coffee but I enjoy their lattes and the hot chocolate was pretty good.
          They sell bags of chocolate-covered toffee that would make nice hostess gifts.
          The chocolate brownie ice cream was fantastic but there was another frozen dessert thing that was not so good - I think it was a buttermilk citrus sorbet or something but it seemed like it might have been in the freezer too long or had thawed and re-frozen or something, and it had little weird chunks of butter or something. But since everything else has been so good, maybe I'll give that one another try some time.
          I haven't tried any of the savories...has anyone else?

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            I lived on the block when that place opened up. Let me tell you, I spent a significant amount there every month, more than perhaps I should have!

            Yes I have indeed tried the savouries. The Israeli couscous Bridgitte has from time to time is a personal favourite. I've had all of the paninis and they are all delightful - a recent addition and a favourite is the Indian, tuna with raisins and a lovely spice blend.

            During the summer, they have the most delectable milkshakes, including a (I think it was) ginger-green-tea one that has to be tasted to be believed.

            My all-time favourite there (I've used that word so much in this post, but Café Soufflé deserves it) has always been the lemon tart. Mmmmmm! And last time I was around, she was making up a couple batches of caramel corn. Looked delicious.

            Anyway. Point is, go there! The prices are more than reasonable, tax is included, and both the food and the service are absolutely delightful.