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(Quick) Lunch options IN South Station?

I have a cousin making an incredibly short and very last minute visit to Boston today. May try to squeeze in a fast lunch and South Station is the place. I have no idea what our options would be. Any suggestions? TIA!

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  1. I think there's a Clarke's for sit down...then it's fast food stands..Regina's and a handful more.

    1. Inside south station you have your basic food court stuff. Cosi is pretty good. The rest are Reginas, Mc Donalds, one of those cajun places, a pretty lame taco/burrito counter, and steamtable Chinese food (which actually looks kind of tasty but you'd regret it later). For a sit down lunch Clarks isn't bad for the pub grub. I like their lattice fries. Oh, and also there is Au Bon Pain....

      1. There's a Cosi there now - otherwise fairly standard fast food options, plus a pub/bar type place I can't remember the name of.

        1. The big office building across the street has a large and decent cafeteria that's open to the public -- or used to be. I know a lot of people who work in the South Station office building eat there.

          Not the Fed. It's maybe "International Place" of "Financial" somesuch

          1. Cosi within the station is all right. There's also a Flour along Fort Point Channel.

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              Don't even think about Flour if you're in a hurry. Great food but infuriatingly slow lines.

            2. I'd second Cosi as the best option in south station, though Andale is just a couple blocks away up summer street in the first floor of 125 summer street, and pretty good for burritos.

              1. I suspect it's too late for today, but didn't Al's State Street open a second location by South Station?

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                  yeah Al's is open and only I block from South Station, by far the best option within a short walk

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                    Agreed. They move a lot of subs at this location. It rocks, especially when time is short.

                2. Thanks hounds for all the suggestions - Cosi sounds like the best be IN the station. Sadly, we couldn't make our schedules work today, but this is so helpful for his next visit.
                  - heathermb

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                    Just a thought- if you know what time you are meeting, maybe you can pick up something en route to eat in S Station when you meet your friend there. Chacarero perhaps?